• Permanent Makeup Lips

     Permanent Makeup Lips

     Permanent Makeup Lips  can be used to enhance the shape of your lips, this can be done subtlety  with a lip blush or with a more definition by drawing a defined line round the lips .

     Permanent Makeup Lips   can also  be used to correct the shape of the lips (ie, cleft pallet)

    If you are considering having colour on the lips, you need to make two appointments as this can not be done to a satisfactory level in just one sitting as the lips do not have pores so the pigment has to be forced in, because of this you loose a lot of the colour the first time round. Please make sure both appointments are booked from the being to avoid any disappointment

    Semi Permanent Makeup Lips

    We  do three different types of  Permanent Makeup Lips

    Lip Liner- This defines the shape of the lips by drawing s definitive line round them. £220

    Full lips ( no liner) to enhance the colour of the lips without lip liner.  With a wide range of colours available to match your skin tone. £300

    Lip liner & full lips – for maximum shape and definition have lip liner and full lip colour in one treatment. £365

    As the lips have no pours the lip it  may need to sittings in force the colour in this is the lips only not the liner.


    Top up for lips is from £125 – £190

    Consultation is included in the the prices.

    So if you are unhappy with the colour  or shape of your lips why not consider  Permanent Makeup Lips