• Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

    Semi Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

     Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

     Permanent Eyeliner Makeup is great for every one young and old

     Permanent Eyeliner Makeup  Eyelash enhancement is subtle eye liner, giving a natural look suitable for people who do not normally wear make up, have problem putting it on or wear very little make up.

     Permanent Eyeliner Makeup is a form of tattoo but  neither the machine or the pigments are as harsh as tattoo anaesthetics are usually applied to the skin before the procedure is done so is relatively  pain free unlike a convention tattoos.

    Whether you love having eye liner on all the time and could do with out the hassle of make up every day, or are rubbish at putting it on in the first place semi permanent make up is the way to go it can last between 2 and 7 years depending on your skin type  and how well your skin  takes the pigment.

    £300 (top and bottom )
    Top lash enhancement – £225
    Bottom – £150

    Traditional eye liner gives more definition to the eyes. Can be done in any colour.
    £315 (top & bottom done at the same time)
    £235 (top )
    £165( bottom line)

    Designer liner is for those who like to wear more make up and can be anything from Amy Winehouse look to smokey eyes and anything in-between. £375  (top and bottom liner)
    Top liner from – £275
    Bottom liner from £205
    ( this takes at least two sitting)

    Top up for eye liner  -£100  – £115

    A consultation is included with the  Permanent Eyeliner Makeup  you can ask any questions or queries you may have  will be answered