• Semi Permanent Make up

    Semi Permanent Make upSemi Permanent Make up

    We are now offering Semi Permanent Make up as well as permanent Make up

    With Permanent make up still quite expensive we have decided to offer the cheaper Semi Permanent Make up as well so more people can afford it

    So what is the difference between Semi Permanent Make up and permanent make up? The major difference between semi-permanent and permanent makeup is the depth of the penetration of the skin. As human skin composes of three distinct layers, with the epidermis being the outermost layer. Semi-permanent makeup pigments is put in the epidermal area,  which barely touches the dermis. It may not last as long as permanent, however the results are  still very pleasing  The other main difference between the two is  how long it lasts, permanent make up can also last up to 7 years depending on skin type  and how you look after your skin.

    Semi permanent make up lasts between 6- 18 months depending on how you look after your skin and you skin type. It takes less time to do as you only go over the area being treated up to 3 times where permanent  it can be as much as 5 times  again this does depend on the skin type, But for this reason it doesn’t take as long to do either.

    Which brings us to the final main difference and that is cost; permanent make up costs from £150 but can be as much as £365 depending what area you are having treated but this because of the extra ink and time it takes to do the treatment.

    Semi permanent is suitable for you if you are not sure how long you want it to last and is a good first choice in that case. the prices are below:

    Eye Brows

    Hair Stroke Eye brows is suitable for people who’s eyebrows lack shape and definition or has small gaps. The after effect is a soft powdery look under the eye brow hair which makes the brow look fuller and enhances the shape. It has a softer more natural look.  £200

    Creative Eye brows  – are for people who love their eyebrows and want the world to know it, so long as the shape is good and they are not black eyebrows with blonde hair they will look great it is a more intense look or what is commonly known as the the celebrity eye brow look £220

    Permanent makeup – Eyebrows are great if you have over plucked your eye brows and can give you back the shape

    Microblading  is  a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure  using a specialist hand-tool which holds disposable micro blades. pigment is deposited into the superficial dermis of the skin with the disposable microblade which allows the technician to create , hair strokes which look like natural eyebrow hair. £260

    3D/Microblading Eye Brows

    The 3D effect eyebrow is more for peole with no eyebrows or very fine sparse eyebrows, it is done in two sittings the first is the base colour which is the airbrush effect and the shape 5-6 weeks later you come back and we put a mixture of different colours on top which look more like hairs, this is how you get get the 3D Tri-ColorTM eyebrows. It is possible to trade in that old school tattoo eyebrow for a fresh, more natural hair simulation sensation. £295

    (This is done in two sittings)

    Top up for brows from £90- £125



    Lash Enhancement

    £200 (top and bottom )

    Top – £145
    Bottom – £100

    Traditional eye liner gives more definition to the eyes. Can be done in any colour.

    £215 (top & bottom done at the same time)

    £155 (top )
    £125( bottom line)

    Designer liner  – is for those who like to wear more make up and can be anything from Amy Winehouse look to smokey eyes and anything in-between.

    £275 (top and bottom liner)
    Top liner from – £185
    Bottom liner from £150
    ( this takes at least two sitting)

    Top up for eye liner -£90 – £125



    Lip Liner- This defines the shape of the lips by drawing s definitive line round them. £150

    Full lips ( no liner) to enhance the colour of the lips without lip liner. With a wide range of colours available to match your skin tone. £200

    Lip liner & full lips – for maximum shape and definition have lip liner and full lip colour in one treatment. £265

    As the lips have no pours the lip it may need to sittings in force the colour in this is the lips only not the liner.

    Top up for lips is from £125 – £190


     All tops can only be done no earlier than 5 weeks after the original treatment

    If you are worried about wanting a change after  a few months then Semi Permanent Make up is the option for you