• Pedicure


    We offer 3 types of Pedicure

    Express Pedicure, Mini Pedicure and Deluxe PedicurePedicure

    Express Pedicure~ consists of a cut , file paint or re-paint –  £21.00

    Mini Pedicure ~ consists of a cut and file, basic cuticle work, a refreshing peppermint foot soak to wake up your tired feet, followed by exfoliation, finished with a coloured paint ( suitable for men & women) 45 min ~ £27.00

    Deluxe Pedicure ~ consists of a cut and file, cuticle work, a refreshing peppermint foot soak to wake up those tired feet, followed by ex foliation  This includes a foot rasp to removed dead skin from the heel and side of the foot, then you are given a rehydrating foot masque, and heat treatment. To make those feet look beautiful again, this is followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage and finished with a paint ~  £34.00

    Add an extra £5 for french polish

    Paraffin Waxing ~ if you are unsure what paraffin waxing is it is a treatment that involves dipping the hands/feet into warm wax they are then placed inside bags and thermal or heated mitts/booties for 10 minutes. The bags are then removed with the wax leaving the skin really soft and smooth. Paraffin waxing is also good for people who suffer from muscle pain, arthritis, eczema, and joint aches as well as those suffering from bad circulation. This is a very popular treatment, especially in the colder, winter months, when poor circulation can be even more of a problem.  Paraffin wax comes highly recommended

    Add it to any Pedicure to make your treatment even more enjoyable from only £15.00 extra.