• Manicure


    Why not give your nails a treat and have  a Manicure

    We have made it so everyone can have a Manicure and you don’t have to pay the earth

    Why have a Manicure? By having a  professional manicure  regularly on your nails you are  maintaining your  the overall health of your nails. A manicure will  help to improve the look of the fingernails and hands. They  assist in the prevention of hang nails, nail damage and developing fragile tips, splits and cuts on the nails. It may also aid in the healing of broken skin around the fingernails.

    By having regular manicures it can be determined if there are any more serious health issues just by the  condition of a person’s nail.

    Keep your nails at  a sensible length to avoid them slitting too far down and possibly damaging the nail bed

    Express manicure~ consists of a basic file and paint/repaint -£19.00

    Mini Manicure ~ In a hurry but still want your nails to look good? Then a mini manicure is what you need which is a cut, file, basic cuticle work and paint -£25.99

    Deluxe Manicure ~ If you feel like pampering your hands, or want them to look their best for an special occasion then the Deluxe Manicure is the one for you. It consists of a cut, file, and cuticle work followed by a citrus and sea salt exfoliation leaving your skin feeling wonderfully soft. After that a rehydrating hand masque is applied and placed in heated mitts. You are then given a hand and arm massage and finished off with a paint. -£32.00

    Having  even a mini Manicure can make all the difference to the appearance of your fingers and hands