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    French Wrap Manicure

    French Wrap- the perfect French polish effect

    Have you ever longed for the perfect smile line but time and time again have left the beauty salon feeling disappointed, now you wont be just ask us for a French Wrap manicure  its the latest manicure straight from the US. With Dashing Diva manicures you can mix and match french wrap tips, with colour tips or different colour polish with a different colour tip. A Bit confused how it works here goes!- Prep the nail- Stick the transparent nail on to the nail bed-clip transparent nail off.- Seal in smile line with base seal- followed by top seal – Done. Perfect every time.  French Wrap manicures can last up to 10 days and if you add Shellac to your French Wrap manicure this can last as long as 2 weeks.

    Don’t want just the normal white smile line you don’t have to you can mix it up with neo npink , orange , yellow and green and if that is too much for why not try gold or brown.

    French Wrap is:

    Flawless french colour every time
    – Non-chipping

    – Fast drying

    – Perfect Smile Lines, with no smudges, brush lines,or drying time

    French wrap– No fade, consistent French colour

    – Grow out system for weak and splitting nails

    – Results that last for up to 2 weeks

    – Available in 20 shades


    File & french wrap – from £28.00
    Full manicure and French wrap £30.00
    French wrap with Shellac £37.00

    French Wrap comes in 2 different sizes, thick bands and thin bands, the thick bands are best for a longer free edge and the thin for a shorter free edge.

    Don’t forget to ask for French wrap when you book you won’t be disappointed.