• Swiss Body and Hot Oil Massages

    Swiss Body and Hot Oil MassagesSwiss Body and Hot Oil Massages

    Relaxing Swiss Body and Hot Oil Massages

    Swiss Body and Hot Oil Massages help to relieve stress and tention

    Our relaxing Swiss Body and Hot Oil Massages will make you forget about the stress of your busy lives and have you on cloud 9 in no time.
    The term “Swedish Massage” refers to a variety of movements that are designed to relax the muscles this is done by applying pressure to the muscles. The direction that the movements are made are in the same direction that the blood flows returning it back to the heart. Swedish massage increases oxygen in the blood and releases toxins from the muscles.
    Stress is not good for our health. It causes us to tense the muscles which causes pain .It also causes our organs function under duress.
    Swedish massage aids in muscle recovery caused by strain by flushing the tissues of lactic acid and other metabolic waste.

    Swedish massage Increases circulation without putting undue stress on the heart.
    Swedish Massage stretches ligaments and tendons keeping them supple.
    Swedish massage also stimulates the skin and the nervous system and soothes the nerves .
    Swedish massage reduces physical and emotional stress, as well as giving the receiver a immense feeling of satisfaction and relaxation.
    Swedish massage boosts the immune system.
    Having a regular massage will help keep the body and mind healthy

    Body massages start from

    £27.00 for approx 30 mins – (Neck, back and shoulders)
    £ 36.00 for 45 mins –
    £ 40.00 for  Appox 1 hour (including Consultation)

    Hot oil Massage 1 hr – £45.00

    Heated back, neck and shoulder massage 30 min- £30

    Indian Head Massage Approx 20 min £27.00
    Face massage Approx 15 min £20

    Foot massage – £10

    Hand Massage – £10

    Mini facial + 30 min Body Massage £ 42  or Mini facial +45 min body massage £52
    Deluxe Facial +30 min body massage £52 or Deluxe facial + 45 min body massage £60
    Full body massage + Facial massage + Indian head massage = £80.00

    Both our Swiss Body and Hot Oil Massages are a great way for you to take some time out and relax.