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    Hot Wax hair removal

    Hot Wax hair removal is heated up to a slightly hotter temperature than warm warm  to approx 48C

    Hot Wax– has been available for a long time and is less popular now, yet it can be very effective on short, strong hairs ie bikini and underarm –

    What is the main difference between hot wax and strip wax?

    Strip wax is removed with a cloth strip whereas hot wax stiffens on the skin, meaning it can be peeled off quickly to remove the hairs.

    One way to remember the difference is to think that strip wax sticks to your skin so it’s better for fine hairs, whereas hot wax holds onto the hairs rather than the skin, making it ideal for coarser hair like the underarms and bikini line. Plus because hot wax just clings to the hairs it doesn’t necessarily hurt as much as strip wax.”

    While   it is still  painful it is   definitely a consideration with waxing, the different types of waxing are good for different areas.

    How does hot wax work?

    Hot wax is so effective because it is just that – hot. The heat encourages your pores and hair follicles to open up making it easier to remove the hair.

    Because the hot wax is able to cling to the hair as it dries on the skin it is super effective at stripping out that hair without irritating your skin.


    Under arm ~ hair removal from the armpit, using hot wax this is a much more effective way of removing course hair – 15min.
    (suitable for men & women) £8.00

    Bikini Line – hair removal from the panty / knicker line.
    (Not suitable for men) £12.00

    Brazillan Bikini Wax – nearly nude(strip)
    (Not suitable for men)

    Hot Wax is suitable for both men and women.