• Galvanic Facials

    Galvanic Facials Galvanic Facials

     Galvanic Facials are an anti ageing treatment.

    Galvanic Facials give the skin a deep cleanse

    If you’re noticing the signs of premature ageing around your eyes, nose and mouth, a Galvanic facial could help to correct them and help you achieve a more youthful look. Stress, genetics, and where you live play a role in the skin’s ageing process, so you need to take steps to protect your skin and keep it strong and resilient. Galvanic facials use electrical current to push topical products deeper into your skin, and they can help you get that healthy glow you crave.

    How Galvanic Facials Are Performed

    Your facial treatment may begin with the usual cleansing and exfoliating routine, followed by the application of the Galvanic wand and products. If you are looking for a deep-cleansing or exfoliating facial treatment,you may also use a steamer and mask to open up your pores. Ultimately, the Galvanic wand will help to tone and balance your skin. The treatment itself is fairly relaxing and completely painless.

    Benefits of Galvanic Facials
    Galvanic facials are a powerful anti-ageing treatment that help to increase moisture retention to your skin. If you’re suffering from excessively dry skin, acne or other skin problems, the galvanic facial can help to improve the texture and tone of your skin, and promote healthy skin cell renewal. Some of the other key benefits of Galvanic facials, include:
    • Increases circulation
    •Promotes skin elasticity
    •Eliminates oil and toxin build up in the pores

    •Improves the tone of your complexion


    Hydrates the skin at a deeper level
    •Allows products to penetrate deeper into the skin
    •Helps unclog pores
    •Completely non-invasive

    Galvanic facials are performed using a handheld Galvanic wand or device with a probe at the end. Small electrical currents are passed through the wand and to the probe, and transmitted to the skin’s surface. The current passes through the skin more easily when it is covered with a high-viscosity ion gel.


    •Helps skin appear smoother, plumper and more toned
    •No downtime – you’ll see results as soon as you leave the spa!

    Galvanic facials work best as a course of 4-6 treatments to get maximum result and then a top up every few weeks.

    If there is any thing you would like to know about any of the electrical treatments please do not hesitate to ask.

    Prices ( a 50% deposit is required for these treatments)

    start from- £40 per session for 3 treatments
    £ 38 per session for 4 treatments
    £35 per session for 5 treatments
    £30 per session for 6 or more treatments

    You can request a higher amount of Galvanic Facials but 4-5 is the recommended amount.