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    We now offer Chair massages for  offices or events.

    What are chair massages ?

    Chair massages are a style of seated massage that is typically short 5, 10 or 15 minutes  and focuses on the back, shoulders and neck. A chair massage is done over clothes and doesn’t require any massage oil. You are seated in a special chair with your face resting in a cradle, looking down towards the floor with supports for your arms. It’s a very comfortable position that allows you to completely relax your back and neck, while the massage therapist relieves muscle tension. (We can use a normal chair is space is limited)

    What are the benefits of having chair massage?

    Chair massages are  often used in high stress locations like airports, trade shows and conventions, but it is also used a lot in corporate settings as well. Companies utilize corporate chair massage services for their health fairs, employee appreication days, and corporate events with excellent outcomes in attendence, foot traffic, stress reduction and morale.

    After the chair massage the client will feel relaxed , rejuvenated and ready to continue the day.

    Prices for Back, Neck & Shoulder massage* or a Head massage

    (*All our prices are for two therapists,  depending  on time requested would depend on if back is included)

    (** Minimum of 4 people required)

    5 min – £4 per person (24 people per hour)

    10min – £9 per person ( 12 people per hour)

    15 min – £12 per person (8 people per hour)

    This  is a great idea as a gift, from the employer  for your employees, or it can be  just as rewarding for the employee to purchase it them selves.

    But what are the benefits within the work place?

    Well for the employee  they will have  

    • lower anxiety
    • increase circulation
    • boost your immune system
    • lower your blood pressure
    • relieve muscle pains and headaches
    • decreases stress levels
    • improves  sleep
    • generates more flexibility

    And for the employer !

    • increases staff morale
    • reduces stress
    • makes employees feel valued
    • creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty
    • reduces sick time and absenteeism
    • reduces the high cost of employee turnover
    • helps attract top talent to the company
    • increases accuracy and creative thinking
    • decreases workplace injuries

     NOTE; We cover 15 mile radius, the first 5 miles is free then 0.45p per mile.Chair Massages

    Why not consider us for  your companies Chair Massages