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    Choosing the best colour eyeliner for your colour eyes

    by di
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    Choosing the best colour eyeliner for your colour eyesChoosing the best colour eyeliner for your colour eyes

    Its simpler than you think Choosing the best colour eyeliner for your colour eyes

    Todays blog is on Choosing the best colour eyeliner for your colour eyes

    Choosing the best colour eyeliner for your colour eyes is actually quite easy when you think about it but this blog will help if you are not sure, here are some tips.

    For Blue eyes
    Use Contrasting shades to  bring out the eye colour,  using  copper and gold make blue eyes appear even bluer,when warm metallics pick up gold flashes in the iris, which light up cool blue eyes. Other colours that work well are : Terra-cotta, champagne, navy.

    For green eyes
    Red complements green on the colour wheel, so pick shades with reddish undertones.  such as garnet, amethyst, and bronze  which are particularly dazzling on green eyes, However, they can make you look tired, especially if diffused into pinkness. Lining the lid in black first helps.

    For brown eyes
    You can’t go wrong with earthy browns, but amber and midnight-blue tones also  emphasize the light flecks in brown eyes, If you’re not ready to commit to too much colour, line just the waterlines. Rimming the eyes in dark blue gives the same effect as black in a less severe way.

    For hazle eyes
    Emerald and gold bring out the green tones in hazel eyes, and warm, neutral browns enhance their richness. Diffuse a green line or a chocolate-brown one, depending on how colourful you want to go over the lid. Kick up the radiance with a touch of gold at the inner corner and the center of the lid.

    We hope this helps when Choosing the best colour eyeliner for your colour eyes

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    What causes droopy eyelids?

    by di
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    What causes droopy eyelids?What causes droopy eyelids?

     Today we looking at What causes droopy eyelids?

    Have you ever wondered What causes droopy eyelids?

    What causes droopy eyelids? Can range from a mild sagging of the skin around the eyes, to severe drooping that end up  can obstructing your vision.

    As the upper eyelids droop, they may begin to cover your eyes, giving a hooded appearance. In some cases, the upper eyelids droop so much that they begin to cover the pupil, obstructing vision. If you suffer from severe droopy eyelids that affect your vision, you may find yourself tilting your head back, or raising your eyebrows frequently, in order to see. It’s also common to feel tiredness and aching around the eyes, especially later in the day.

    But What causes droopy eyelids?
    The most common cause of droopy eyelids is ageing, but there are other causes as well

    Ptosis is the medical term given to the condition of droopy eyelids. It is generally associated with an age-related sagging of the muscles that hold the eyelids up. However, ptosis can also occur in children as a birth defect (congenital ptosis).

    Ageing and sun exposure
    Exposure to the sun and the natural effects of ageing can cause the skin around your eyes to sag more. As the skin becomes less elastic with age, and the face becomes less plump and firm, the result is often loose or excess skin around the eyes.

    Nerve problems
    Damage to the nerves that control the muscles around the eyes can also cause droopy eyelids to occur.

    Disease or injury
    Occasionally, certain diseases or an injury to the eye or eyelid can cause the eyelids to droop and sag.

    If your droopy eyelids get too bad you can have eye surgery called blepharoplasty.Blepharoplasty removes excess skin, fat and muscle from around your eyes.  and helps smooth  out these areas  to give you a more alert and youthful appearance.

    hopefully it is a little clearer What causes droopy eyelids?

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    Abused by Amazon

    by di
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    Abused by Amazon

    Abused by Amazon

    Have you ever been Abused by Amazon

    If you have been  Abused by Amazon then read on

    Today we are going to be telling you about how we were Abused by Amazon and how it ultimately cost us our business.

    How Amazon Abused Us:
    We opened a sellers account back in Aug 2015, selling cosmetics first we just sold one or two items. Then in Sept 2015 we listed an item that proved to be very popular, and within a couple of days we had sold 20 of them. At first Amazon paid us quite regularly so we thought we would list more items, and for 2 weeks everything was going well. Now with with any selling site it takes a while to accumulate feedback and people don’t like being hassled for it. So patience is whats needed, but Amazon thinks that as soon as someone has bought something regardless of whether they have actually received the iterm should leave feedback.
    Amazon decided on the 19th Oct 2015 that because we were selling a lot of items that they needed to review our velocity, and which meant they then put all the money they owed to us in reserve which they claimed was for refund and cash back , but they didn’t need to keep it all after all we was getting positive feed backs proof that we was dispatching the goods. They did not communicate or explain why they were doing this, or even how long they would hold our money but did assure us that we should keep selling and dispatching the goods on time. After two weeks and getting no expiation as to what was happening we started to run out of money, we wasn’t charging for postage so it wasn’t long before the goods started to be dispatched late.
    Our company which was a new company needed the turn over of cash to survive. But we borrowed money from our sister company and even an investor to try and keep the company afloat. A day before they were meant to release our money we received an email on saying that they were suspending our account as we had broken one their polices with regarding sending items out late (this wouldn’t have happen if it wasn’t for them in the first place) They informed us that they would be holding the money for up to 90 days whilst they refunded people The suspension took place on the 1st Nov 2015. To add insult to injury they started telling clients that our company is fraudulent which is why they needed to refund this is a lie and slanderous all out stock came from reputable wholesalers, and all goods were genuine. We asked them why they were telling people this they choose to ignore us.
    We tried to login to our account in Dec to see what was going on but could not, we contacted Amazon they told us our account was closed on the 24th Nov 2015 again we had no communication from them regarding this, what this now meant is we couldn’t see what money was in our account. They also told us that the money was held for 90 days from 24th Nov, which again is a lie.
    We emailed them serval times asking when they was going to release our money they told us on 22 th Feb 2016 after all the refunds had been done, but they haven’t refunded any one since the 24th of Nov when they closed our account as we was getting emails from them telling us what they had been refunded and that all stopped. We challenged them again regarding the money owed us we asked what left in our account, we were told £1955.05 was remaining in our account, we asked when it would be released we were told that our account is under review, how can our account be under review when its closed?
    After several emails and getting no where, we were told that the money would only be released on the 1st March 2016. We have contacted Amazon several times threating legal action and have sent a pre legal proceeding demand for the outstanding funds they are just ignoring us now we have not heard from them as of yet regarding our money it has now been 119 days. We expect that we will end up taking them to court. To get it back unless they come to their senses or someone intervenes, by helping us. Amazon cost us our business and it’s reputation.

    If  you have been Abused by Amazon  we want to hear from you on our face book page ( the purple writing to be taken there)

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    Different products for lips

    by di
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    Different products for lipsDifferent products for lips

    Today we are looking at Different products for lips

    There are lots of Different products for lips

    There are a lot of Different products for lips and today we are going to be having a  look at few of them:

    • Matte – matte products are more dense and last the longest. They contain less moisture then other lip products, so they adhere to the lips and don’t fade as fast. But they are not suitable for people with very dry lips.
    • Semi matte – smi matte products are less dry than matte products but they don’t last as long. They are best suited on textured or dry lips as they give off a soft sheen.
    • Sheer colours – sheer colours are see through, are very forgiving and easy to use
    • Lip stains – lip stains provide a long lasting highly pigmented colour
    • Lip Tints – lip tints like sheer glosses or balms, protect the lips with moisturising  formulas that usually contain SPF’S
    • Lip balms – are a clear or tinted formula and help keep the lips soft
    • Gloss sticks – are hybrids, that are between sheer lip stick and lip gloss. They add a bit more pigment that lip gloss but are still transparent and moist.
    • Lip gloss – lip glosses provide hydration, sun protection, and sheen. The formula is great for making the lips look fuller and for layering on top of other colours.
    • Chubby lip pencils – chubby lip pencils will both define the lips and provide a creamy matte texture. they are long lasting but can be a bit dry.
    • Lip liners – lip liners define the lips and keep lipstick on for longer when used on the entire lip area.

    We hope todays blog has explained all the Different products for lips and what they are best used for.

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    Special occasion makeup

    by di
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    Special occasion makeup

    Day to evening Special occasion makeupSpecial occasion makeup

    Special occasion makeup tips

    When it comes to transforming from day to evening makeup many people do not have time to start over so here are some tips on Special occasion makeup that will be a bit quicker.

    As light is often softer in the evening than the daytime, your makeup can be a bit more dramatic.

    • Start by touching up any concealer and foundation as needed, to even skin tone and cover any blemishes.
    • Use a brighter blusher than you have done for daytime.
    • Use some bronzer on your neck and chest if these are on show to give a nice glow.
    • Apply a bit of shimmer to either your lips, eyes or cheeks but not all of these areas at the same time as this will give you an overdone look, so just choose one area to concentrate on.
    • To add more drama to your evening look, use a darker shade of lip colour or a sheer shade if your going for darker eye makeup.
    • If your not going for the darker lip colour then try a more dramatic eye colour instead but do not use both at the same time as again this will be overload.  A smoky eye is great for the evening.
    • If you do decide to go for dramatic lips over eyes then maybe try red lips with pink cheeks and keep the eye makeup to a minimum.
    • You could try pairing shimmery bronzed cheeks with smoky brown eyes and copper lips, adding shimmer to either the lips or eyes.
    • Another fun look to try is using bright pink or orange on your lips with a pale pink or apricot blush and soft eye makeup, finish this look with black mascara or even add some false lashes.

    So you don’t always need to start over when applying your Special occasion makeup, just use these handy tips.

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  • Feb

    Makeup history

    by di
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    Makeup historyMakeup history

    Who is who in Makeup history

    Makeup history, who helped shape the beauty industry

    We thought you may be interested to know some Makeup history today.  We are going to tell you where some of your favourite makeup brands began.

    Max Factor– Max Faktor was born in Poland, his name became Max Factor in 1904, when he went through Ellis Island on his way to becoming an American.  He began to sell his lotions and makeup in Los Angeles.  He then went onto developing a new type of  makeup that was specifically formulated for the movies.  This was called flexible greasepaint.  It got this name because it was uplike your normal movie makeup and didn’t crack.  It wasn’t until 1920 that Max Factor’s makeup became available to buy in the shops.

    Estee Lauder– Estee Lauder began by selling her uncles skin creams.  In 1948 she had her own counter space at Saks Fifth Avenue.  She has been credited for giving free samples away with purchases.  She introduced her first fragrance in 1953 and didn’t look back.

    Elizabeth Arden– Florence Nightingale Graham spent time learning the skills she would later use to create her own skincare lotions whilst working as a bookkeeper at a pharmaceuticals company.  Then she met Elizabeth Hubbard while working for a beauty culturist doing skin treatments.  In 1909 the pair opened their own Fifth Avenue salon. When the partnership ended, Florence decided to use Elizabeth’s name and then chose the last name Arden from the Tennyson poem Enoch Arden.  The brand Elizabeth Arden soon expanded giving skincare treatments and creating makeup colours.  Florence worked hard well into her 80’s.

    Revlon– Charles Revson went into business with his brother and a chemist named Charles Lachman in 1932.  They founded the company Revlon and launched it with the introduction of a nail polish.  Revlon became known for nail polishes in a wide variety of colours.  They eventually marketed matching lipsticks, which included the legendary Fire and Ice shade of bold red.

    So that’s just a little bit of Makeup history covered today, there are plenty more.

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  • Jan

    Spray on nail polish

    by di
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    Spray on nail polishSpray on nail polish

    Is Spray on nail polish the next big thing

    Would you use Spray on nail polish

    Could Spray on nail polish be the way to go in the world of nails.  There have been all sorts of different nail techniques and products over the last few years, such as shellac and gel polishes, colour changing polishes, one coat polishes and many more.  So will the spray on polish take off and be the next big thing.

    How does it work?

    It works by only adhering to your base coat and not your skin. You would apply your base coat using a brush as usual then spray on the colour (make sure you protect the surface you are working from) but don’t worry about getting it over your fingers.  You can then apply a top coat which will make it last a little longer, roughly about 4 days but this is not essential.  After the polish dries, you can simply wash your hands with warm soapy water and the extra polish will just rinse off your hands like magic.

    It means that for anyone that usually makes a mess when their doing a home manicure, which is most probably plenty,  they will instead have perfect nails every time.

    This new product does sound very easy to use, but how long does it last?

    It will only last a couple of days without the added top coat and about 4 days with top coat.  With all the gel polishes about that last alot longer, you may not be crazy about this but for a quick fix it would be great.

    There are currently only 2 colours available and the spray on nail polish is only available from one company at the moment, but if it takes off then we are sure it will become more widely available.  It has launched in the U.S but does not become available in the U.K until March 2016, so not long to wait.

    So what do you think, could Spray on nail polish be the next big thing in the nail world.

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  • Jan

    Understanding Colour Correctors

    by di
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    Understanding Colour CorrectorsUnderstanding Colour Correctors

    Today we are looking at Understanding Colour Correctors

    Understanding Colour Correctors and what they are used for

    Understanding Colour Correctors  how to use them but more importantly, perfecting your concealer technique. Colour correctors can make you feel intimidated especially when staring at  multi-coloured concealer palette,  In the beauty  world  you may be constantly told t hat concealer is meant to match your skin tone exactly,  so when confronted with a palette of multi coloured colour correctors it’s easy to write off these peculiar-looking colors as face paint. But the truth is that if you master these colour correcting concealer palettes,  but using colour correctors will make a big difference to the way your make up looks.

    The secret to multicoloured correctors is  colour theory. There’s a reason that your under-eye circles or post-pimple redness are always just a little bit visible under your concealer: the blue and red tones inherent in those blemishes shine through your flesh-colored makeup. In order to hide them properly, you need to neutralize whatever colour you’re trying to conceal, not just apply flesh coloured goop concealer  on top of it which is where the  colored concealers come in.

    They normally come in 4 different colours, these are:

     Pale green – Green is opposite to red on the colour wheel, which makes them complementary colours. Complementary colours effectively cancel one another out,  who it comes to beauty,so if you put some green concealer on top of anything red (like rosacea, acne or scars), that redness is immediately neutralised.

    Lavender concealer: Purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel, so pale purple concealer is good for concealing anything yellow or cooling down makeup that’s too warm-toned. Sallowness and hyperpigmented spots like acne scars can be effectively evened out with  using  lavender colour corrector before adding your regular concealer overtop.

    Yellow concealer: Yellow is opposite to purple on the colour wheel, which means that dark, violet-toned under eye circles don’t stand a chance. Simply apply under your eyes and blend well with a sponge or concealer brush, then cover with powder in the same tone as your skin. This will lighten the eye area giving a dramatically contoured look,.

    Pale pink/salmon concealer: If you have a darker or olive-toned skin, you’ve probably noticed that your under-eye circles aren’t purple or blue; they have a greenish tint, and yellow concealer don’t seem to be working  for you. That’s where pink or salmon concealer comes in—red and orange are complementary to green and blue on the colour wheel, so these shades are perfect for neutralizing your dark circles.

    Hopefully our blog will help with Understanding Colour Correctors

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  • Jan

    Which make up brush is right ?

    by di
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    Which make up brush is right ?Which make up brush is right ?

     Most people know what a makeup brush is but Which make up brush is right ?

    Today we are going to be looking at Which make up brush is right ?

    Knowing what a makeup brush is and Which make up brush is right ? Are two different things, we are going to be having a look at how to tell if a makeup brush is a good brush and how you know if you have the right size and type of brush for what you want to do.

    Quality of the brush!

    Before you buy any makeup brushes you need to know what you are looking for, and if they are worth the investment. Avoid buying brushes that are sealed in blister packs as you can not tell if they are good quality. To test  if a makeup brush is good quality you need to run it over your skin your hand will do. You should also run the bristles through your fingers to check if there is any shedding, it is also important to hold the brush in your hand as it need stop feel comfortable and it easy to manoeuvre.

    Size of the brush 

    The brushes that you get in makeup compacts are quite often too small  and narrow to be able to apply the product  probably. You are better off throwing them away and buy a brush designed for proper application.

    Natural Bristles

    Natural brushes such as squirrel, goat,pony and sable are very soft. These brushes make it easier to blend and give a natural look. They work best with powder based products such as blush, powder,and powder eye shadows.

    Synthetic Bristles

    Synthetic brushes are best used with creamy products such as concealers, gel liners, and lip colour, foundation and cream eye shadows. The bristles are generally stiffer than natural hair which gives you greater control and more precise application.

    It important to know Which make up brush is right ? Before buying any.

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    Vitamins and your skin

    by di
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    Vitamins and your skin

    Today we are looking at Vitamins and your skinVitamins and your skin

    Vitamins and your skin and how they benefit you

    In today’s blog we are looking at Vitamins and your skin and the benefits they can give you.


    There are many advantages to getting your vitamins in your food rather than in tablet form.  The fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains that provide fiber also naturally deliver vitamins and minerals and are low in calories.  It is virtually impossible to have dangerous amounts of vitamins or minerals through your diet alone. Some vitamins are great for your skin inparticular, you could call these beauty vitamins.

    Below is a list of the vitamins that will benefit your skin and where to find them-

    Vitamin A– Antioxidant, essential for the growth and renewal of new skin cells.  Topically applied it may boost collagen production and promote skin cell turnover. You can get your vitamin A from egg yolks and dairy products.

    Vitamin B– Increases fatty acids in the skin, promoting exfoliation and firmness.  You will find this vitamin in yeast, eggs, liver and vegetables.

    Vitamin C– Building block of collagen, the protein that gives skin its structure, tone and elasticity.  Vitamin C will be found in citrus fruits, broccoli, peppers, berries and tomatoes.

    Vitamin D– Essential for the development of skin cells.  Egg yolks, salmon, fortified milk and other dairy products contain vitamin D.

    Vitamin E– Antioxidant that helps build and maintain healthy skin tissue.  Vitamin E is found in wheat germ, leafy greens, nuts and whole grains.

    Fat– is also an important nutrient for the skin and the health of the whole body.  To have supple skin and soft hair fat is necessary.  To make sure you are getting the correct fats you should have unsaturated fats such as the monounsaturated fats found in olive oil and avocado and add some fatty fish to your diet as it contains omega 3 fats, seeds are also a good source of fat.

    So Vitamins and your skin definitely go together, with one the other will be much healthier.

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