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    Corrective Makeup Tipcontouring-pic

    When contouring the face you need to remember that is meant to be natural, so make sure you use contouring colours and highlighters close to your own skin tone.A good tip is to use a matte contouring product with a cream highlighter, this will give your face  a natural glow.


    What to clean your makeup brushes with!


    It is really important to clean your makeup brushes regularly but, equally important is knowing what to clean them with, as good makeup brushes can be expensive so you want them toast.

    You can clean your brushes in between uses with baby wipes this won’t damage them but uses ones that do not contain a lot of oil as you don’t want an oily residue left on your brushes.

    But you will still need to give them a proper clean at least once a week.

    You can use washing up liquid and water to clean synthetic brushes, shake out any excess water and leave them to towel dry.

    When it comes to natural bristle brushes because they are similar to human hair, you can use shampoo and water, again shake out an excess water form the bristles back to their original shape and leave to dry over night.


     Using Blush to accenting cheekbonesblush cheeks

    Blush can act as a contour, highlighter or both but this does depend on how it is applied;Using two shades of blush to achieve this look, choose a lighter and darker shade but it must be from the same hue to contour and accent your cheekbones.suck in your cheeks, now feel along the cheekbone tracing downwards until you feel the natural hallow beneath. This is where the darkest colour should be applied. Using the blusher brush  apply the blush in a “C” shape from hallow to temple.

    Now smile use the lighter colour lightly on the apple of the cheek. Blend the lighter colour also on the cheekbone blending it into the darker colour. Remember less is more you don’t want to look like a clown.

    Do not apply blush on the upper side of your cheekbones as this interfere’s with the eye area and  you will  end up making your appear puffy.


    Eye shadow tipsouter-corner-how-to-apply-eyeshadow-180x150

    It is a common mistake to apply your eyeshadow from the inner corner to the outer corner, but this in fact can lead to the accentuates the natural drop of the eye. Try starting from the outside corner to the inner  corner this way you can not apply eye shadow outside the corner of the eye  and your eyes will appear lifted.


    Import tips to remember when it comes to eyebrows

    eyebrow-shapesIf you have a tiny face with delicate features, thick brows can be overwhelming
    Those with a low brow bone should also avoid going too full.
    To open your eyes—if the space between the brows and the upper lashes is small, make the eyebrow thinner and more arched.
    If you have a higher-set brow bone, thick brows are the more flattering
    Wider thinner arches are also best for fuller faces.

    Tips on how to use different eyelinerEyeliners_1511657c

    • For a softer line use a wax based pencil and then smudge the line with your finger or you can use a brush.
    • Kohl pencils can be used on the inside rim of the eyelids but this a dramatic look and is suitable for people with big eyes this effect makes the eyes look smaller.
    • When using gel or cream eyeliner do not attempt to draw a continuous line along the base of the lashes. As this is when you are more likely to have a wonky or broken line instead start in the middle of the lash line and work your way out to the outside corner of the eye, using smooth strokes then go back and draw the line back to the inner corner of the eye.
    • It is not advised to use gel or cream liner on the bottom lash line but to change to soft pencil .

    Do you know your face shape? part 2

    face-shape-makeup-L Ok so today we are looking at square, heart and diamond shaped faces , which one are you?

    Heart: A person with a heart-shaped face will have a long and pointed jawline, with the chin being the smallest point of their face. Imagine a triangle flipped upside down on one point.

    Square: If you have a square face, the sides of your face will be straight and your face will be nearly as wide as it is long. Your jawline is defined, with only a minimal curve.

    Diamond: If you have a diamond-shaped face, your chin will be narrow and pointed and your high cheekbones will be your most prominent feature. The difference between diamond-shaped faces and heart-shaped faces is the hairline – those with diamond-shaped faces will have a narrower hairline.

    Do you know your face shape?Part 1


    Today we are looking at face shapes we will cover half today and the res tomorrow:Faces can be oval, rectangular, round, heart-shaped, oblong, diamond-shaped, or triangular (including inverted triangular).

    OVAL: Oval-shaped faces have a length equal to 1.5 times the width of the face, with forehead and jaw equal widths.
    RECTANGULAR: Rectangular faces are 1/3 longer than the width of the face and have strong angles on the forehead and at the jawline.
    ROUND: Round faces are as wide as they are long, but with soft, rounded edges.

    Contouring tips  for dark skincontouring for dark ski

    When contouring light skin, you use a darker product to create contrast, but with darker skin, you need a lighter shade for dimension.  But you  won’t get much contrast by using an even darker contour product, instead you should strategically highlight.Use a concealer or contour cream that is 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Focus on the areas under the eye,  creating an inverted triangle which will  bring brightness to the center of the face. Draw down the center of the nose, as well as the center of the chin and forehead. Blend with a soft dome brush

    Contouring tips for pale skin

    When it comes to contouring it is important to choose the correct shades for your skin tone. An important  is for the contouring shade make sure it is two shade darker than your skin tone and for the highlighter make it that that is two shades lighter than your skin tone.  stick to shades with golden and warm undertones instead of cooler, ashy colours. The warmer shades will instantly add a healthy radiance to your face, while cooler colors can look too dull or sunken


    Just the lips

    just lips

    Classic red is back in a big way, but it looks much cooler against bare skin, so this spring one of the looks is just bright red classic lipstick(if you can carry it off) nothing else except for possibly concealer if needed so no foundation, no mascara, no eyeliners, no blusher oh and no enhanced eyebrows .Just the lips.




    Purple eye liner for blue eyespurple-eyeliner-blue-eyes

     In our blog we have been look at different colour eyeliner to suit  blue eyes and purple can really make your eyes look amazing. Purple is a mixture of blue and red, its undertones draw attention to your blue eyes. It’s best to choose deeper, darker purple eyeliners for enhancing blue eyes. First apply a soft pink or brown eye shadow, then add purple eyeliner and black mascara. To really make your eyes pop.

    Spring make up trends – Clumps & Freckles

    clumpy lashes& freckles

    The look this sprig is a ’70s revival , The lashes for this season are the clumpy look we know not normally the look you want with mascara hold the mascara  wand parallel to the lashes, brushing it back and forth in a windshield-wiper motion to get them extra clumpy. As for the freckles, use three different-colored pencils and pressed the blunt tips into the skin to create dots, scattering them over the nose and cheeks and putting them in random places for “a more realistic effect. 


    Eye lash curler care

    eyelash curler

    The rubber pads on an eyelash curler are designed to protect your lashes.When you see them start to look a bit worse for wear its time to replace the pads,Most eyelash curler come with an extra set of pads,  you can buy the pads on their own but if you can not get some  you will need to invest in a new eye lash curler as using them without the pads damages your eye lashes.


    Misleading skin conditions


    The skins condition can quickly change by a number of factors, such as the environment, health, diet, and even the products you apply to your skin. So much so that it may be quite hard to work out what skin type you are.  For example redness, dryness, and flaking can be the result of of a medical condition or medication. Over used skincare products can cause the skin become oily. Redness and irritation can be caused by a mild allergy to the products  your using it might be you need to change to  gentler products.


    Drink water for healthy skin!

    drinking water

    Try your best to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day as this will help to flush any toxins out and keep your skin clear.  It is also best to drink a glass of water with every drink that contains alcohol or caffeine.


    Milk for winter skin



    Milk is one of the most effective super foods. The use of milk in daily routine will make the skin look bright and shiny;

    Drink milk on regular basis.
    If you want, you can add some honey or even milkshake, to improve its taste. But if you really can’t stomach it you could alway bathe in it like Cleopatra you would need between 1-3 gallons of milk mixed in with your bath water and bathe in it for about 15 minutes, if you do this every day for a week, your skin will be brighter and more radiant. Always wash off after! You want naturally glowing skin, not skin that’s glowing with a milky residue.


    Moisturising  around the eyes tip!


    Try using a fast absorbing eye cream under your concealer, this will help to make the skin look smooth and not creepy. The skin around the eyes is very delicate. to help with puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes use products that contain shea butter or beeswax.




    uneven skintoneHow to even out your skintone!

    Your skin can sometimes be darker on your forehead or lower mouth area.  You can use two different foundations to match each of the skin tones.  Make sure you blend them well to get an even transition between the two.

    Bronzer can also be used over your foundation to even out your skintone.  You can also apply a gel bronzer after moisturising and before applying your foundation as this will even out your skintone.


    Intense eyes neutral face!

    When applying make up there is a simple rule of thumb about how much makeup looks nice aface wtih too much makeupnd how much looks over the top. If you are wanting your eyes to look intense then keep the rest of makeup of your face quite neutral. Go for light pink shades of blush and a natural colours for lipstick or gloss. This will give you a stunning look. If you apply bright or bold colours to your lips then it will shift the attention from your eyes. For night functions you can add bright colours but there is no need to overdo it.

    How to tone down redness on your face!

    red skinTry using a yellow based foundation or tinted moisturiser to tone down red skin or rosacea.  Bronzer will also help to counteract redness.  Stay clear of harsh facial scrubs though as these will most likely aggravate your skin.  You can also see your doctor to treat rosacea.

    Baking soda  can help improve your skin

    Baking soda is not just great for making you cakes rise , but is also good for your skin. Baking soda helps to remove the dead cells,balances the pH of the skin and helps to remove the acne symptoms.But remember this should only be a short term fix and more conventional ways should be followed on a day to day basis

    baking soda

    Mix 2 tsp of baking soda with rose water or you can  just add to water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the skin and let it dry for 2 minutes on the skin when you are removing it use circular motions as this helps loosen a dead skin cells. Then wash your face with water and apply moisturiser. 

    How to make your eyes look more intense!

    You can do this by double lining! This is when you first apply a dark eyeshadow with an eyeliner brush, and then go over it with a liquid liner using a slightly thinner line.The graduation in-depth from the lash line will give a more intense look towards the lashes.Double Winged Eyeliner Tutorial 2014 - So Easy - www.fashionhuntworld.blogspot (8)


    Using the right Bronzing brush!



    This brush should be fuller and thicker than a blusher brush and has a flat profile.  It has been designed for sweeping and pressing bronzer over your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin to give a natural warm look to your skin.bronzer brush


    The correct brush for blusher!

    Your blusher brush should be wide enough to cover the apple of your cheek.  The bristles should be soft, natural hair with beveled, curved edges.Blush-brush

    Why your skin needs coconut oil!

    Coconut oil can be used on your skin, it provides deep and real moisture. It does this by strengthening the underlying tissues and helps remove excessive dead cells on the skin’s surface that make your skin rough and flaky in texture. Not to forget it leaves the skin feeling lovely and soft. Using coconut

    coconut oil for your skin oil on the area around your eyes will help prevent wrinkles and under-eye bags.  If you have dry lips use it on them as well, it works wonders.


    Correct  lip colour for your lips

    • Picking  a lipstick colour it can be difficult but here are a few rules of thumb to fall:
    • For Pale Lips –  use pastel colours, such as pink and light beige. deep tones will appear very deep on pale lips.
    • For very dark lips – use blue toned and deep saturated lip colours. Very pale colours will look ashy or grey on dark lips.colour guide for lips

    Tip for teens- How to cover a blemish

    • Choose a stick foundation or a concealer stick to match your skin tone
    • Use a concealer brush to apply the concealer, just dab it onto the spot only, wipe away any excess from around the blemish and dab a bit more on if neededtip for teens
    • Apply a light dusting of skin-tone correct powder over the blemish

    Lipstick tip


    Some lipstick stains work well but can be drying. So here is a tip to help your lipstick stay on without having to use a lip stain: Use a lip pencil that matches your natural lip colour and completely fill in the lips, Then apply the lipstick colour, by applying this base it will hold the lip lip pencilcolour in place.


    Eyeliner Tip
    When applying eyeliner to the top and bottom of the eye, make the eyeliner meet at the inner and outer corners, as this makes the eyes appear larger. By not connecting them the eyes look small and round which unless you want to look like a cartoon is not a very good look. www.bbeautiful4u.co.uk



    What do Moisturisers Do?Beauty Tips of the Day


    Moisturisers work in several ways! They fill in the spaces between dry cells of the epidermis which makes the skin feel and appear smoother.They also create a barrier on thicken this helps the skin retain water which helps keeping your skin  hydrated, as well as protecting the skin from the elements. Choosing the right moisturiser  for skin type is key to gaining  the most of the product.

    Choosing the correct colour of bronzer!

    Bronzers work best when they appear more natural on the skin.  There are brown, red, blue, omosturisresrange, and sometimes yellow based bronzers.

    Alabaster skin (pale)– Use a pinky shimmer or peach bronzer

    Light skin- Use a beigy brown with a bit of pink

    Medium skin– Use a browny pink with only a bit of orange for warmth

    Medium-dark skin- Use brownish orange

    Dark skin– Use brownish red

    Deepest dark skin– Use brownish blue


    Dermatologist tested?

    Have you ever purchased a product based on the fact that it says it has been dermatologist tested?

    Well, here is a little tip for you, it doesn’t actually mean it is better quality as the claim does not guarantee that the doctor has approved it, just that it has been tested.dermatologist tested logo

    Use Orange Lipstick Under your Eyes To Get Rid Of Dark Circles!orange lippy under eyes

    Apparently one of the latest beauty tricks is using orange or coral lipstick to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. It sounds a bit mad and it looks a little crazy but people swear that it works. According to reviews, it neutralises dark circles, which minimises the appearance of circles.  Maybe give it a try and let us know what your think.

    Don’t over wash your face!

    It’s easy to over do it when it comes to keeping our faces clean, just remember that everyone haswashface a different skin type and some of us are older than others, so there are many factors involved.  If you find that after applying your foundation you have dry flaky skin then stop washing so much.  Let your natural skin oils moisturise for you.

    You should always wash your makeup off before going to bed but you can skip the morning wash or use a gentle baby wash. It will be gentle enough to make your face feel clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

    Buying the correct false lashes for your eye shape

    strip lashes

    False lashes look great in their packet  and  you may think they are going to look just like that on you only to apply them and look like a TOWIE wannabe? Unfortunately strip lashes aren’t one size fits all. Here’s how to find the ideal lash type for your eye shape.

    If you have Deep set eyes. Try lashes that are longer in length at the centre of the lashes.

    For downturned eyes. Try a shorter strip lash that is longer in the outer corners to lift your eyes.

    If you have hooded eyes. A pick a thin strip lash in a shorter length.

    For prominent eyes. You  should try balancing your top lashes with strip lashes on the bottom, too, which will give the illusion of pushing back your eyes.

    If you have Almond shaped eyes make sure they are not too long on the ends


    Different ways to apply Mascara 

    mascara applicationDid you know the way you hold the brush when applying your mascara can make a huge difference.  To how the mascara makes your lashes look!  By holding the brush horizontally and wiggling it back and forth will give you voluminous lashes, while holding it vertically and running the tip of the brush along the length of your lashes will leave you with a longer, more natural look.

    Nail whitening tips!

    Whitening Toothpaste – This one is easy and apparently really works.  Use a small toothbrush to apply it and scrub your nails for a couple of minutes. You may need to do it a few times depending on how stained your nails are. White coloured toothpaste works best and whitening toothpaste nail whiteningwith added baking soda works even better.

    Lemon Juice & Baking Soda – Squeeze half of a lemon into a plastic bowl and add and blend baking soda until you get a nice paste-like texture. Then use an old toothbrush to scrub your nails with it. Rinse and repeat if needed.  If you have any cuts by your nails then maybe don’t use this tip as the lemon will make them sting.

    Nail Whitening Pencil – This is a more obvious choice to whiten your nails and does work. It makes them look healthier.

    Base Coat – Prevention is always better than cure.  So use base coat to prevent stained nails from happening in the first place.

    Don’t forget that most of these techniques can dry your hands out, so apply a good moisturiser once you’re finished.

    Different ways to use concealer!concealer around lips

    Concealer is usually used to cover up blemishes and dark circles but there are a few other ways in which it can be used.  Check these handy tips out-

    • use your concealer on your eyelids to prevent your eyeshadow from coming off, this will also help to stop your eyeshadow from settling into your creases.
    • define your eyebrows by using concealer, blend it above and below your eyebrows using one shade lighter than your skin tone.
    • line and blend concealer around the outer edges of your lips, this will make your lips stand out and stop your lip colour from bleeding.
    • you can use a little bit of concealer on an angled brush to fix eyeliner mistakes


    Use your mascara to double up  as a gel eyeliner.eyeliner6

    If you have run out of eyeliner all is not lost !  Take a a smudge proof/waterproof mascara swipe an eyeliner brush across your mascara wand, and then use the formula on your liner brush apply as normal close to the lash line  for a gel liner finish.



    New Christmas Trend! – Glitter Pits !glitter pits

    Now this morning we stumbled upon a beauty trend for this Christmas- Glitter pits, yep you heard right, we personally don’t think this one is for us but each to there own.So how do you get ( or even want glitter pits)

    Now unless you want to use spray body glitter and not grow your under arm hairs, which wouldn’t be as noticeable then you would need to grow some underarm hair and then apply either glitter gel  or we are guessing just sprinkle the glitter there. We personally think it might be a bit itchy This is all thanks to celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, and is supposedly about embracing your hairiness, so throw away your razors and grab the glitter.


    How to get plush fuller looking lips

    fuller lips

    Now it is true that there is no magic wand to make your lips look fuller but there are plenty of tips to give the illusion that they are which what todays tip is. Here is what you need to do; Take a colurless lip balm that has a shimmer, apply it  to the skin just above the cupids bow (space inbetween the peaks of your lips) by doing this your are adding light giving the illusion of bigger lips, now apply a hydrating lipstick making sure it has a high shine , matt lipsticks won’t work as they don’t reflect light and finally apply the shimmery lip balm to the center of your bottom lip. And there you have plush fuller looking lips.

    Avoid breakouts!

    There are many reasons for a breakout of spots appearing but here are a few that you can avoid if only you thought about it.

    Your phone picks up lots of dirt and bacteria (from your hands, your bag, the kitchen counter), which can then get transferred to your face when you’re chatting on the phone.Wipe your screen with an anti-bacterial wipe often to get rid of dirt and germs.

    resting your face on your hand  could be the reason for those blemishes on your cheek or jaw. You’re constantly touching things that have germs, so putting your hands on your face for a long period of time can cause dirt and bacteria from anything you touch to get into your pores.avoid breakouts

    Not changing your pillowcase enough can also cause your skin to break out. Even if you wash your face every night, your pillowcase carries dirt and sweat from your hair, hands and build up from the products you use on your face at night, which can clog your pores, so it’s a good idea to change them every few days.

    Prevention is always better than cure so follow the advise above to avoid a spotty breakout.

    The illusion of bigger eyes

    Not all of us were blessed with big eyes but all is not lost. Firstly step away from the black eyeliner, if green or blue are not your thing go for slate which suits everyone. Draw across your lash line the  then apply a white shimmery eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye in a v shape, this not only catches the light  but alsbigger eyeso widens the eye.  To finish off curl your lashes before applying your mascara.( you can if you wish also apply white eyeliner to the bottom inner waterline)




    How to get thicker looking lashesthicker lashes

    If you have thin or light-colored lashes, and have always wanted your lashes to look thicker and fuller, the best way to achieve this is to  coat both sides  of your lashes by alternating between looking up and looking down while your  applying your  mascara. That way, the hairs are fully covered and appear much thicker. You can also do what is called at tight lining which is where you apply kohl eyeliner on the inner upper water line.


    Using the wrong lip balmlip-balm
    In Winter your lips become  more chapped,  but not all balms are the same: The most important thing is to use one that is, not waxy, so the ingredients penetrate any cracks. Stay away from anything with lanolin (especially if you have eczema or supersensitive skin), and, since fragrance is the number-one skin allergen, avoid anything that’s heavily scented or tastes like your favorite candy. As these can all irritate chapped lips and even make them worse.


     Avoid the frosty Lidsfrosty-blue-smokey-eye
     Just because the weather may be frosty  your eyelids shouldn’t be.  at this time of year, frosted shadow can make your skin look washed-out . Instead, of frosty eyeshadow  it is recommended that you ware  colours such as  metallic periwinkle blue and bronze shades for this  winter.


    How to wear lip stain!

    Lip stains are drier than your normal lipstick so can emphasize any flaws if you don’t take the proper steps before layering on your

    colour. Use a lip scrub before hand, use a small amount over youHow to apply lip stainr lips to smooth over and remove any dry skin.  Make sure you apply lip balm to your lips before your stain as this will keep that dry skin you worked so hard to remove away. It will also give the stain extra staying power.  Resist the urge to pile on a ton of product at once as most stains tend to be pretty fluid or translucent, so too much can slide around and make a mess.  Apply lightly and once you’ve reached your desired intensity finish it off with a sheer lip balm.  Take your lip balm with you in your bag so that you can re-apply as needed.


    Take care of your décolletage!decolletage

    Most of us have been cleansing and moisturising since we were in school but how many people pay attention to their chest? The skin on the décolletage is very fragile as it produces less oil than the skin on our face and often receives more sun exposure.  Forgetting to apply SPF and neglecting to nourish it can result in premature ageing quicker than you’d think.  Most of the sun damage is done in childhood/teens/early adulthood and this includes the décolletage area.  Make sure you wear a high SPF to protect this area, even in cloudy weather.

    Apparently sleeping on your side can also speed up chest wrinkles and have a sagging effect, so try sleeping on your back if you can.   Be sure to include your chest in your cleansing routine and tone as well.  An anti-aging cream is the best one to use on this area as a standard moisturiser just isn’t enough.

    Defining your brows with concealer

    Tunde K. Mason for iamdodos.com

    You don’t  have to draw your eye brows in dark to make them  look more defined providing you have a good shape to work with. All you need is your concealer, make sure it is only one shade lighter than skin tone otherwise you will just look like you have a white patch round your eye brow.

    Take a fine lipstick brush, dip the brush in to the concealer, then draw from the arch to the  tail and then the front of the brow start underneath the brow then with your finger gently blend, repeat above the brow. This gives a natural defined  beautiful brows

    The right nail polish colour for medium skin tones

    Medium skin tones  can vary from a creamy to olive so it is important to remember your skin undertones.  However, these nail polish picks are universally flattering and gorgeous for your medium-toned complexions.

    Nudes medium  skin tones can handle something that is a bit more beige than fair skin

    Reds – Orange reds  can work well with your skin tone, A red with gold undertones will bring out  a natural glow.

    Pinks -Those with medium skin tones may find peachy-pinks especially flattering,

     Blue While medium skin tones can do pastel blues, an intense sky blue is an even more flattering choice. But what ever blue you choose make sure it is highly pigmented or it can just look a bit wishy washy.

    How to  avoid being shiny

    There are so  many different finishes when it comes to foundation, from matte to satin and more, the list is endless but it important to remember   to be careful that your finish is not a shiny one.

    This may not show  up much  on your face just by looking at you,shinny face but  but it will not be a good look in photographs. If you do have oily skin and this is a problem for you then you can avoid it by trying a mattifying primer.

    We would advise using mineral make up as this gives an even and matte finish, it is also very light on your face.


    How long does your mascara last unopened


     If you are  are wondering how long your mascara lasts, well the answer is if your mascara is open,  then its  about 3 months. The best way to preserve your mascara is to not open to not open it until you need to use it. But unopened mascara lasts  approx a year




    brows4How you should groom your brows !

    Having  bushy, untamed eyebrows are not a cute look on anyone. No matter what the lasts beauty trend  but if your gonna have thicker eyebrows then  make sure your eyebrows stay neat and beautiful, always brush them out with an eyebrow brush. , or disposable mascara spool. To have a fuller looking brow, brush them in a motion that matches your eyebrow shape. For a thinner eyebrow look, brush them upwards and trim any hairs that are too long with eyebrow scissors making sure you trim them the way the hair grows do not cut straight across it will look funny then  brush them normally.


    Why skin lightening creams won’t work!skin lightening
    To see dark spots disappear, you need to wait two to three months but  one thing you need to know is skin lightening products  don’t work when if you do not use an SPF this is a common mistake. As the pigment will  almost always recurs when exposed to the  sun , so continued use of  SPF ‘s as well as continued use of the skin brightening products  is essential to see any difference.


    How long till you see the results from your anti agin skincare products?

    So you see the ad for this weeks miracle anti ageing cream . but just how long till you may see an difference well fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes take around six weeks to start seeing a visible difference, with even further and more noticeable improvement becoming apparent  a few weeks later. If you  continue to use anti-aging products  then  because of the  powerful ingredients to  prevent sun damage your skin will improve over the course of years. Read more tips on www.bbeautiful4u/beauty-tips-of-the-day/

    Tips to take years of you!

    •  Use liquid concealer as its lighter  it still covers  the blemishes your are trying to cover with out  sitting  in the creases and wrinkles.makeup for mature
    • No matter your age, moisturise to keep your skin supple and hydrated. After you rinse your face, immediately apply your moisturiser. Wait for your skin to soak up the moisturiser before applying your makeup.
    • Don’t use translucent powder as this can be very drying and can give the skin an aged look
    • Use eye shadow primer this will smooth out any lines so your eyeshadow looks flawless
    •  Use an SPF  every day
    • Use a bronzer or fake tan to give your that all round summer glow
    • Don’t forget to moisturise  your neck and décolletage to avoid the crepe look.

    How to wear coloured mascara!

    Black is classic when it comes to wearing mascara but now and again its good to try something different so why not give a coloured mascara ago.  Here are some tips on how to wear it.Coloured mascara

    • A simple way to add some coloured mascara is to match it to your eye colour this will complement your eyes.
    • Blue-black or navy mascara will help your eyes appear whiter and more awake.
    • You can enhance your eyes by using black mascara on the entire lashes and coating the fringes with coloured mascara.
    • When wearing coloured mascara during the day do so with neutral eye shadows . If you want a more glamorous look at night, pair a coloured mascara with eye shadows that have a subtle shimmer.
    • Focus on your eyes when wearing coloured mascara.  Go for sheer shades on your lips.

    What are Milia?milia-photos

    Milia,  are also known as  milk spots,  which are little white or yellowish bumps that commonly appear around and under the eyes. They can also appear on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chest.

    But what causes Miilia? Basically, milia are keratin-filled cysts  they are quite common in newborn babies ( and often disappear within a few weeks), but can affect people of all ages, and may persist for months, even years.

    The problem occurs when the skin cannot remove dead skin cells, thereby causing clogged pores. It can be caused by factors like use of heavy, pore-clogging skin care products, sun damage, blistering injuries, and long-term use of steroid creams.

    Though milia cysts are generally  itchy nor painful, they can end up really bothering you in todays blog we are going to be telling you some home remedies to help diminish the appearance of  milia.

    Minimal makeup

    Minimal Makeup is great for when you don’t have a lot of time . So you will be happy to hear that this is  one of this seasons make up trends. The barely there look is perfect for enhancing your natural beauty.  here is one of the ways you can minualise makeup create a subtle look use a light coverage of foundation mineral make up works the best(caking foundation never looks good), a soft rose blush will also give you that bit of colour To enhance the eyes a light matte colour shadow will be enough to define the crease, along with a precise eyeliner flick but ever so slightly as you want it to look as natural as possible. To finish the look off or you’ll need is a coat of mascara to open up the eyes and a soft pink or nude lipstick.



    Bold eyebrows

    Are your eye brows too BOLD ?
    Are  your brows deep, dark and uniform shade?  or Are they  two sizes larger than your natural brow shape,  if so then you have gone too far. Do NOT fill in the entire brow with a pencil or wax product, as this will result in that very harsh looking   brow. To avoid this look contour the brows by lightly filling in the middle section, the arch and the tail. Gently brush out the brow so the colour is blends in well.  Then use a waxy, brow product to  naturally enhance your  brows by doing this  you still get an enhanced brow with out it looking too fake, if you find yourself getting pencil-happy with your eyebrows, it’s not too late to reverse the damage. Try using a concealer brush to wipe away any mistakes or overdrawn lines/borders. This is  also a good tool to use to define your brow shape.


    Beauty Terms Explained !beauty terms explained

    There is a lot of beauty jargon  some you may already know others not so much but here are couple for today;

    Cut Crease – This is a technique in which the crease above your eyelid is “cut” sharply with a contrasting shadow in order to add depth to the look and enhance the eye shape.

     This is where you o draw the outline of one’s lips slightly outside the natural lip border in order to easily create the appearance of a fuller pout. But be careful not to overdo it or you will just look plain silly.

    Things you should not do if you have dry skin!

    applying moisturiser

    • You should not take really hot showers or baths as hot water is just as bad as cold air when it comes to drying out your skin.
    • Do not over load your skin with products.  Two products is enough, any more than this could cause irritation.
    • Washing too often with soap is definitely going to dry your skin further.  Also dry and irritated skin is much more susceptible to bacterial infection, because excessive washing strips it of its protective, natural bacteria.
    • Never apply your make up without popping on some moisturiser first.  Also,unfortunately, it is best to steer clear of foundation, as it
    • blocks your pores and messes with sebum production.


    Avoid looking more tired!tired eyes

    If your tired then don’t use eyeliner that has red undertones, like brown or purple. Anything that has a hint of red will just make your eyes look even more tired so use black eyeliner.  You can also try adding a little white liner to the inner corners to wake your eyes up.



    Brush your lashes!brushing your lashes

    To stimulate the growth of your eyelashes brush them twice a day with an eyelash comb. You can buy special tiny combs that are made for this, you can also use a mascara brush (obviously clean it first).  Doing this regularly will help to spread natural oils along the entire length of the lashes, which will help to protect them from damage and keep them well hydrated.

     Blending your eyeshadow for your shape eyes

    We  all know that eye  all shapes are different,  and so therefore there are certain ways to blend eye shadow that are specific to each eye shape . For example , if you have deep set eyes, blending a darker colored shadow in the crease is not ideal as it will make the eyes seem deeper. Stick to lighter, more natural-looking colored shadows, especially under the brow. If you have eye shapes2almond shaped eyes, blending shadow in the crease is OK, but don’t blend it higher than then natural fold. This will ensure your makeup looks seamless, not exaggerated This is the same rule  for all shapes think about the shape of the eye and what you want to highlight.



    Can your skin change colour from eating certain foods?oompa-loompa-willy-wonka-1971

    The simple answer is yes it can. But it does obviously depend on what you are eating or drinking and how much of it . You may of heard of skin turning orange or yellow if too many carrots are  consumed. This is because carrots have a biochemical (or pigment) called carotene. Pure carotene is a deep orange colour. And does dissolve in oil but not in water. Because it is stored in body fat, it can turn a person’s skin orange or yellow.  But you will not look like an opuma lumpa  but more like  you are suffering from Jaundice.

     There is a  documented case, where a man turned  bright red after  drinking eight liters o a drink called f Ruby-Red Squirt a day. He turned red because he is  extremely sensitive to the  bromine which is in the  vegetable oil used in the soft drink, it caused his skin to turn bright red and produced open lesions on his hands called bromoderma. So we would say eat and drink every thing in moderation and you will be fine.

    Wear matt make up for a selfie !

    Wearing matte makeup will always look better in a selfie, or in in fact in any photo this is  because it doesn’t  reflect the light and cause glare. Because selfies are usually taken quite close up, glare can  be worst as it  reflects back into the lenses of the camera and highlights the features of your face making them look bigger than they really are. Any kind of shimmer on your face may also look like you have an oily face, so providing you don’t have really dry skin try to use  matte makeup, and you will get a much better picture.



    Beetroot juicebeetroot lip stain

    We have told you about using oranges for your lips and today we are going to tell you how beetroot juice could become your favourite, natural lip stain. Not only will it give you beautiful colour but also beetroots are rich in vitamins and antioxidants and can efficiently help nourish your lips. If you apply beetroot juice at night before going to sleep then in the morning you will wake up with gorgeous, pink lips and the colour can last the whole day.

    Use coffee to get rid of cellulite

    Not everyone wants to go under the knife, or have laser treatment to get rid of their cellulite.  There is  a much better way to fight the lumps and bumps of cellulite. So try mixing coffee grounds with youcoffee for celluliter regular body lotion and massage it into your skin. This apparently makes the perfect body scrub, which will promote the flow of blood and gives you silky smooth skin.

    Oranges for lips



    If you stuffer form dull and dark looking lips.  This is a great tip for you, Next time you eat an oraorange & lipsnge, don’t throw away that orange peel. Just rub it on your lips for a minute or two and see your lips  blush and brighten up. This is caused by the citric acid but you need to be careful if you are allergic to oranges unless you are looking for the non surgical lip plump look.

    Graphic eyeliner trend


    Graphic eyeliner is the latest make up trend  and it would seem anything goes, from thick liner with squared of ends, to drawing outside the eye top and bottom, double sided cats eyes( extending up and out at the top and graphic linerdown and out at the bottom) dots under the bottom lash line or any other shape you chose to use. be creative.



    However did they survive without hairspray?

    Bet you didn’t know that before L’Oréal launched the first mass market hairspray in 1960, women had to choose TopSecretsofHairStyling1954sbetween slicking their hair down with a greasy brilliantine or  if they didn’t fancy that they could use  a mechanical sprayer to coat it with shellac dissolved in a solution of water and alcohol. Neither sounds very healthy or nice.



    What you need to make your own metallic temporary tattoo’s


    metallic tattoo's

    Metallic temporary tattoos have been summer’s biggest new beauty hit.
    From clubbers hitting the coolest bars in Ibiza to teen festival-goers at Glastonbury.But these can still be quite pricey  you can make them your self all you need is Metallic silver/gold waterproof liquid liner or cream shadow,Synthetic brushes,Stencils,Setting spray,Eye makeup remover to clean up. Remember that it is meant to look like jewellery so don’t go over board with your designs.



    dark lipstickDon’t wear lipstick that is too dark on thin lips!

    Dark lipstick is not the way to freshen up your make up.  If you have thin lips then it will make your lips look smaller and less plump.  Choose something in a pink or brilliant red tone instead and add a layer of gloss in the middle to give plumpness.



    Don’t over do the eyebrow makeupeye brow makeup

    When creating a natural-looking brow it  is important  to mimic the tiny hairs you have in your arches, which can be challenging with a pencil. To avoid heavy, overdone brows, flick your wrist as you wield your pencil or a shadow-angled brush combo to get hair-like wisps. You could also try to lightly apply brow mascara. This keeps the product off your skin and on your brow hairs only, which is what makes your brows believable.

    skin prep

    Its important to prep your skin!


    It may seem obvious but having clean skin before applying make-up is very important. Prepare it with a gentle hydrating cleanser to remove all dirty and make-up.  Exfoliate at least twice a week and of course apply a good moisturiser and a primer before your foundation.  You will find that not only will your skin be clearer but also your make up will go on better and last longer.


    Concealer Cheat!redlipstick concelar

    If you don’t have any colour correcter to hide those dark circles all is not lost! As you can use red lipstick You don’t just slap on some bright red lipstick round your eyes it takes a little effort to make this trick work as after all  you are using  red lipstick as a primer for your actual concealer, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll feel like second nature.

    First of all you need to find the  right shade for your skin tone, if you’re fair, try a peachy or pinky hue; if you’re tan or dark-skinned, an orange-y red will do the trick. Then dab on the lipstick with an eyeshadow brush or your fingers (hint: don not  rub it in, just dab and blend as you would any normal concealer.)

    Allow this to set for about a minute,then apply your  concealer over the red lipstick  area with a make up  sponge. It might take a few tries to togged it perfect but is a great alternative when you do.

    Exposed skin 


    If your nail has completely ripped off below the skin line, don’t be  attempted to fix it with fakes as putting glue that close to your skin can be irritating. Instead cut paper tape called Micropore in  the shape of another, similar-size nail; press on, hold for ten-to-20 seconds, and polish. It’ll actually look like the real thing.


    Do not apply concealer before your foundation!

    If you apply your concealer before your foundation then you will be removing what you haconcealer after foundationve applied.  If you apply your foundation before concealer you will also notice that you use less concealer. Use a creamy cover-up that matches your skin perfectly to conceal blemishes, use a shade lighter than your skin tone for under your eyes.  Also do not apply your concealer in a moon shape, draw a triangle to brighten the eye area.

    Removing your eye makeup using avocado’s !

    Makeup remover with avocado

    When  you do this you do not necessarily need to sacrifice the avocado flesh  as you use the oil in avocado to make a nourishing  and effective makeup remover. Simply swab a cotton bud over a freshly cut avocado and use the oil collected to remove your eye makeup not only is it great fro your skin but tastes good too.





    What is cholasma?What is chloasma?

    Chloasma is the medical name for the darkening of the skin. This hyper-pigmentation is very common during pregnancy and it might be one of the first signs that you experience. Sometimes the condition is referred to as ‘the mask of pregnancy’ because it can appear on the face, in very odd-shaped ‘splashes’. If you have freckles and moles, they can also intensify in colour.  Other areas of the body can also be affected.  Unfortunately there is not anything you can do to get rid of these brown patches but you can prevent them from getting darker by protecting your skin in the sun, wear a high factor sun lotion, at least spf 25 and wearing a hat is also a good idea.  Chloasma should disappear once you have given birth.

    What is Strobing?strobbing

    Well you may have heard of contouring, which is where you take contouring products two shades darker and lighter than your skin tone, to make your facial features receded or become more prominent . i.e.  enhancing cheek bones , narrowing your forehead all using just makeup. Well strobing is a simpler quicker version of that. But Strobing focuses exclusively on highlighter, and is applied where light would naturally hit your face (so, your cheekbones, brow bones, the centre of your forehead, down your nose, and on your chin.) By applying  soft, shimmery  shades to these area your  complexion will look  radiant, fresh, and healthy.

    Sun Spots and how to treat them!


    No we don’t mean places to catch the sun we mean brown pigmentations that occur because of the sun.

    One l vacation does not cause sun spots they’re a result of chronic, daily sun exposure. You can fade them at home with lightening serums By using an exfoliating cleanser with glycolic or salicyclic acid to remove dead cells will help help lighten the sun spots. You could also try applying a lightening serum with a bleaching ingredient, such as hydroquinone, vitamin C, soy extract, or licorice. But unless you use a sunscreen everyday, it will all be a waste of time.

    Thinning eyebrows!

    thinning eyebrows

    We often have people ask us, why have their eyebrows become so sparse. Well the answer is normally age, unfortunately. As we age, the hair cycle can become shorter. It does not always apply as it does depend on your genes. The follicles gradually give up producing long, strong hair, and the hairs become thinner and shorter. This can also happen to lashes, brows, leg and arm hair and so on.



    How the sun damages your hairsummer-hair

    Ultra-violet (UV) light penetrates the hair shaft and damages its structure, just like it does to skin. UV breaks down specific amino acids  which are the building blocks of protein that hair is mostly made up of.  When this happens you will notice the  negative impact on the natural shine and strength of the hair, leaving it duller, weaker and less elastic. You are slightly better protected if you have thick hair as the amino acids are destroyed from the outside to the core.


    perfume in the sun

    Perfume and the Sun

    Did you know that wearing your perfume on a hot summers day can permanently stain your skin as it can react with the sun. This is caused by the psoralen in perfume which is mostly in citrus perfumes. So we suggest that during the summertime, you spritz your clothes with your perfume rather than your skin.



    Sun & nailsnails in the sun

    Yep the sun is out and were back on how it effects different parts of the body today  we are looking at your nails and  the sun. Although your nails are made of a protein called keratin, it’s important to protect them from the sun as well. Now your probably thinking well i have to put sunscreen on so therefore it covers my nails, but a lot of the sunscreen are sprays now days so  you probably don’t cover your nails that much it is important to do so. By doing this you are protecting  the   most vulnerable area of your nails: your cuticles and nail folds. The cuticles cover the base of your nail and protect the new growth that emerges from underneath. Cuticles are susceptible to drying out, just like other parts of your skin, and if your cuticles are too dry, it can affect the growth of your nails. The nail folds are the flaps of skin that frame the base of your nails, and they’re also susceptible to sun exposure. So always remember to cover fingernail and toe nails with sunscreen.

    Eyebrow pencil or Eyebrow powder?

    applying eyebrow make up

    With so many different types of makeup for eyebrows its no wonder we get confused as to what the difference is between them. So here it goes!

    Eye brow pencils are more for correcting, and are good  for creating sharp arches, or extending the brows tail end, or even even filling in that obvious gap. But you need to  be a pro to use one where it doesn’t look like you just drew your eyebrows on with a marker.

    Eye powder – Eye brows powders are more for if you just want your brows to look fuller and work best on eyebrows that already have a good shape, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them together in fact you get the best look when you do in fact.


    Food & drink to cut back on to get a good tan

    tanning tips

     If you’re currently consuming too much of the following types, of food and drink then there is a good  chance that they are preventing you from tanning very well; 

    High does of vitamin C -This is one of the most effective ways of stopping the production of melanin which is why you quite often food it in skin lightening products we don’t mean don’t take it as it has lots of benefits for your keeping your body healthy just don’t over do it stick to the recommended dosage amounts per day.

    Alcohol, caffeine drinks and anything high in salt content as all of these cause your skin to become dehydrated which  will affect the production of melanin. Bottom line don’t over do any of the above and you should be able to tan well.


    Feed your skin


    If you have fair skin or just don’t tan easily you need to feed your skin, in order to produce melanin, your skin needs the melanin building block l-tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid and is found in eggs, nuts,wheat,oats, carrots, spinach as well as in supplements you can also buy it as a tanning accelerator it only aids in producing melanin and can only be built over time there is no quick fix but with patience and following the sensible tanning rules you will have a great tan with out the pain of burning.

     The best way to get a tan even if you are fair skinned 

    woman in white bikini applying sunblock at the beach

    Best ways to get a tan

    Sun cream/oil  doesn’t stop you tanning, it stops you BURNING. If you protect yourself from burning, you are giving your skin a good chance of producing melanin. the more comfortable your skin is, the happier it will be, and the better it will tan. Build your tan up slowly, watch that your skin isn’t burning apply suncream/oil regularly.  When tanning you do not have to sit in the sun till you change colour as the production of melanin in your skin cells, continues for a few hours after you have been in the sun.Your cells have already been stimulated to start the tanning process, and by giving your skin a rest after exposure (i.e. sitting indoors or in the shade after tanning in the sun) it will benefit tremendously in getting you the tan you’re after. By evening, you will be browner than you were during your tanning session.


    Don’t use sugar scrubs  for spray tans !



    It is recommend to exfoliate the skin before having a spray tan. However be careful when choosing the scrub. Sugar scrubs can be detrimental to how the the spray tan turns out because it can cause the spray  tan to be  streaky. Scrubs with sugar have oils in them that will cause the spray to run off instead of adhering to the skin. Rather stick to a exfoliating puff or mitt where no products are used to exfoliate .



    spray tan7Do Not Use Spray Tanning As A Base For Sun Tanning
    It is a myth that a base spray  tan  will prevent burning in the sun.  Spray tans give the appearance of being tan but has absolutely no effect on the melanin in your skin.  And you should still apply suncream to the skin when out in the sun.



    Toothpaste and the sun!toothpaste and the sun

    Are you someone that puts toothpaste on your spots to try and get rid of them? well this is usually fine but do not do this on holiday when your skin has been exposed to more sun than it normally is as it will cause a reaction on your face, which is likely to make your spots look worse and not better.

    Lipstick trick for a younger looking you!

    As we age our mouth naturally loses volume and the colour of our lips begin to soften.   Plus years of sun exposure, which breaks down collagen and weakens the structure of our lip tissue.  We are then lelips tipft with a thinner, less defined smile.  So add colour to your lips to give the illusion that they are fuller and try applying a hydrating balm to plump and soften them before hand, this will also help the colour go on more easily.  To prevent the colour bleeding outside your lips,  coat the outer edge of your lips with makeup primer and let it dry.



    What is Tinea Versicolor ?tinea versicolor

    Tinea Versicolor can be caused by hot climates where your sweat can trigger a fungal infection where the yeast that naturally lives on your skin overpopulates and releases an enzyme that causes patches of skin to be a different colours than the rest, these can be red or brown. This usually occurs on the torso. This can make your skin feel very sensitive as well as causing your skin to look and tan patchy tan patchy. It can also look like hives so can be hard to diagnose, if you think you may have this visit your G.P as it is easy to treat, with a simple anti bacterial body wash.

    Fish scales make the shimmer in our cosmeticsfishy

    If you  have ever used any type of cosmetic that had a shimmer to it, whether it is a lotion, nail polish, or lipstick?  and it has a lovely shimmer look to it more than likely came from the use of fish scales. Pearlescence, as it’s called, is the silver shiny substance found in fish scales that is often used in cosmetics to give them that glow and shimmer. Herring is mainly used to obtain the pearlescence and today it is one of the most supplemented fish by-products in the world.

    How to make large eyes look smaller using dark eye shadow

    big eyes

    When you use a dark  colour, less light will reflect off the surface  this gives the illusion that the eyelids are thinner. Think of it as the equivalent of wearing a fitted black T-shirt, versus a ruffled white peasant shirt. The black shirt will  makes your body appear smaller.  While the white shirt will accentuate it and make you appear heavier. Using  a dark eye shadow is an important step if you are trying to minimize large eye lids. Dark colors will shade in the area, visually diminishing the width and height of the eye lid. To achieve a bright-eyed look, use soft, shimmery contrast colors on mid-center of lids, and extend to inner corners.

    Sisters not twins!plucking brows 2

    You shouldn’t worry about trying to match your eyebrows as they are sisters not twins, So they will not look exactly the same. Many ladies make the mistake of plucking a hair from one brow and then trying to match it to the other. This could leave you with over-plucked brows, which is not a good look.


    Alternative to brow serum!brow serum

    As an alternative to brow serum you can use castor oil instead, so you don’t even need to leave the house (as long as you have caster oil that is).  Wash out an empty mascara bottle and wand, then use a funnel to pour the oil into the mascara bottle, you can then use the clean mascara wand to apply it to your brows.  This can also be used on your lashes.

    Pale eyeshadow tip

    Sometimes knowing what eyeshadows to choose to enhance your eyes can be difficult. But by usinpale eye shadowg a pale eyeshadow you actually enhance the size and shape of your eyes? Particularly if you have small eyes, by putting pale eye shadow along your lid you give the illusion that your eyes are bigger than they actually are. It can be any pale colour but to get the best look ensure you pick one that suites both your skin tone and eye colour.

    Keep your eyeliner proportional to the shape and size of your eyes.
    Its easy to slip in with whats trendy within the beauty world, but its important to remember that when applying an eyeliner you need to pay attention to the natural shape and size of your eyes. For example,  if you apply eyeliner too thick it  can make your eyes look smaller. Which if you have big eyes in the  first place you will be fine but if you have small eyes its recommended to draw a thin small eyeseyeliner line. And concentrate more on your brows to enhance your eyes.


    Don’t use liquid foundation as an eyeshadow primer.

    When you apply your liquid foundation on your eye lids as a primer,the look you get is less than desirable, because the foundation wasn’t designed for this purpose; it’s more likely to crease and can make your eyes look tired instead of pretty. Rather use a makeup primer for neat and beautiful eye foundation eyesmakeup.


    Barbie lips

    If you can’t pull of the gradient lips why not try the other in look for this summer, the Barbie inspired bubble gum pink lipstick  which has been a feature of the runways so far this year . It gives lips a fresh, spring like look and it’s perfect for this time of year.

    barbie lips


    Gradient lips for summer!

    The look for summer lips is the gradient or ombre red lipstick. Instead of having a single shade of red all over your lips, try darker shades in the middle of the lips and, then gradually move to lighter shades as you work out toward the edges and the corners of your mouth.



    Blonde eyebrows for Summer !!!!

    Yes you heard right we’ve had dark brown, black, bushy, page boy and now it’s blonde eyebrows, Blonde eyebrows for summer great if you already have them . But not so much if you have really dark eye brows. But if you want to be up with the latest beauty trend well
    we guess you will have to bleach them

    blonde eyebrows

    Avoid silicone based hair products !

    Silicon based hair care products create an illusion of healthier, smoother hair,  but they are actually bad for your hair in the long run. Why? Because they coat the hair shaft plumping it up but it also  and seals out the  moisture, which clogs hair follicles, making your hair weaker, and eventually preventing your hair from growing faster. So avoid them as much possible.


    Facts about eyebrows !silcone
    So if you’ve ever  plucked  over your eyebrows  it may seem like all those hairs are gone for good. But brow-hair growth slows down after age 30, so it can take over a year for some hairs to reappear. So all is not lost until that time is up that said you need to leave that area alone no matter how tempting.
    Here are a couple of tips to help;eyebrows
    When you pluck, don’t use a magnifying mirror, which can skew your perspective. As your brows grow in, hide stubble with a matte eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. Also, be very sparing when applying creams or sunscreen on the skin in that area it can clog the hair follicles.


    Brussel sprouts are good for your eyes!

    SproutsProtect your vision and prevent the development of unsightly cataracts by eating Brussels sprouts contain Lutein, a nutrient that can lower the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Don’t worry if you don’t as Kale,Spinach and  broccoli  are just a few other veg that help too.

    How to avoid looking like a clown with blusher


    The best way to know where to apply your blusher is to smile in the mirror to find the apples of your cheeks. using a big blusher brush apply the blusher using circular movements onto the apples of your cheeks, then sweep back toward the ears. By starting at the apples gives your face a more youthful look, and sweeping the blush toward the ears gives it a lifted appearance. By using a brush you achieve a softer more natural look.




    Poisonous Make upToxic-levels-of-chemicals-rats-dropping-and-human-urine-have-been-found-in-some-fake-beauty-goods

    Fake beauty products containing rats’ droppings, human urine and toxic chemicals are endangering consumers.Fake cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and foundation have been found to contain toxic levels of chemicals and harmful substances such as arsenic, mercury and lead. All of these can cause allergic reactions, such as skin irritation, swelling, rashes and burns.

    Best eyeliner look for your shape eyes; Part 2

    Downturned Eyes
    When it comes to downturned eye shape, the trick is to make it look like your eye lift by drawing an upward flick with the liner at the outer corner this will instantly give your eyes an open and lifted appearance.
    Upturned Eyesup turned down turneds
    Upturned eyes are similar to almond shaped eyes,but the lower lid seems to be more prominent than your top lid.To enhance the symmetry of the eyes, apply a thin line on the upper and lower lash line and applying a thicker line at the outer corner of your lower lash line and then gently smudge creating soft line

    Best eyeliner look for your shape eyes; Part 1

    eye shapesToday we are going to be looking at the first 2 eye shapes

    Almond Eyes
    Nearly any eyeliner look will flatter your eyes, you can play up your almond shape by drawing a very thin line from the inner corners and intensifying the thickness as you near the outer corners. For a soft, smoky look, line your lower lash line as well and smudge both the top and bottom outer corners a bit.
    Hooded Eyes
    For hooded eyelids, applying a thin liner looks is hard to see so you should apply a thick, bold wing which will give your eye added definition. Use a smudge-proof liner to ensure your makeup doesn’t disappear into your lid or smear! You can also emphasize your lashes to make your eyes appear larger by tightlining your upper lash line and piling on the mascara.


    Make up for wet weather – cream v powder!makeup in the rain
    Opt for cream shadows and blushes instead of powder. Cream has longer staying power and can be blended more easily. When powder gets wet, it can end up streaky. Tinted moisturizers and BB/CC Creams are great foundation alternatives that require less time applying and fixing.

    Cutting your toe nails the correct way!

    You should always cut your toe nails straight across as if you cut too much around the corners you will end up with ingrown toe nails. This can also happen if you cut them too short. Ingrown toe nails can cutting toe nailsbecome very painful and can take some time to heal, so it’s best to prevent them in the first place.

    Applying Blusher based on face shapeblusher tip
    There are many different face shapes so it would make sense that there, is a different way to apply blusher for each shape. Blush helps bring out and define your cheek bones, so applying it in the wrong place would do you no good. Follow this picture to make sure you’re always doing it right.


    Soothe An Itchy Scalp With Yogurt

    itchy scalpWe found this interesting tip, If you stuffer from a dry inch scalp, try this quick DIY fix. Dissolve two crushed aspirin pills in one tablespoon of water; then add two tablespoons of Greek yogurt and mix it all together. Massage in to your scalp leave for a couple of minute and then rise with warm water.


    Smooth Your Feet With A Potato !

    If you suffer with mild dry skin on your feet why not try this tip? Grab a potato cut it in half, and coat it in coarse sea salt. Scrub it on the bottom and sides of your feet for an instant exfoliator!

    Applying bronzer correctly


    Bronzer applicaionSummer is right around the corner, so it’s time to pull out those bronzers! The trick to applying bronzer is to pick the best shade for your skin tone and apply sparingly if you apply too much you end up just looking dirty, and the wrong shade can make you look orange.
    Use either a contour brush or a rounded face brush to apply just under the cheek bones, then blend upwards onto the cheeks
    You can also apply bronzer along the temple and top of your forehead to give a sun kissed glow
    To the correct shade for your skin tone only go 2-3 shades darker than your skin



    Choosing the right nail file!glass nail file

    The most important tip you should consider before filing your nails, is to choose the right nail file. Avoid using a metal nail file, because it weakens the nails and causes peeling. Your best choice would be a glass nail file or a foam nail file.

    Looking after the skin on your neck
    The first thing to do is to stop thinking that your face stops at your chin. Because it doesn’t. Think of your neck as an extension of your face. Whenever you wash your face, wash neckyour neck too. If you use a foundation or a loose powder on your face, remember to apply it to your neck to avoid it looking like your are wearing a mask. Always use upward strokes to apply a nourishing cream on your neck and throat every night.
    In order to avoid flabby neck muscles or a double chin, hold your head high with your chin up and slightly forward. Theses simple tips will help the skin on your neck look at youthful as your face.


    Avoid saggy skin for longer!applying face cream

    Apply your cleanser and moisturiser lightly with upward strokes not downwards. Your skin will sag naturally over time but you don’t want to help it along.



    How to hold the nail file correctly.nail filing
    When filing your nails, make sure to hold the nail file flat against the nail tip. Don’t angle the nail file whilst using it, as your nails will be more prone to thinning and breakage. If you want to round of your nails you can then use the nail file at a very slight angle.


    Fill in the gap!

    tightling 2Before applying your eyeliner to your lid , take a pencil eyeliner pull you lid tight and do a tight line through your lashes. By doing this you will have no gap between your liner and your lashes. just beautifully made up eyes.



    Mascara Tips!

    Bending the mascara brush– As you pull the wand out of the tube, gently bend the tip so it’bent mascara wands perpendicular to the handle. This new shape will make the brush easier to control and get to the tiny hairs toward the inner corner of your eyes.

    Wipe off excess mascara– when you open a brand new bottle of mascara it can transfer a lot of extra product onto the wand for the first few uses which will cause clumpy lashes. So before your first coat, wipe the brush over a tissue to remove any excess product.


    Choose the correct eyeshadow for your skin typeskin
    Always choose your eye shadow according to your skin texture and tone. In other words if you have oily skin don’t use a greasy eye shadow as it probably won’t stay on.
    If you have more mature skin or dry skin avoid matte eye shadows as they can just make the skin look drier and sit in the creases which is not a faltering look.


    Protect your hair when swimmingswimming
    Protect your hair! If you do not want to wear a swim cap, wet your hair before you swim. Use about a quarter sized amount of conditioner and run it through your hair. This saturates your hair so the chemicals in the pool water won’t be absorbed as easily.


    More make up tips with Mascara


    Only apply mascara near the roots and not the tips to make your eyelashes look longer.
    Mascara does not look good if the eyelashes stick together. To avoid this, wiggle the brush horizontally to separate them while applying your mascara.
    After you apply the mascara, use an eye lash comb or a clean mascara brush to remove clumps.
    Eyelash curler: should only be used before before using mascara, using the lash curler can case breakage.
    Hold the brush at a horizontal angle if you want thick lashes, or turn it vertically for a more natural finish.
    Use a lash primer before applying your mascara this will help it stay longer.

    Advantages of threading!

    1. Threading is much healthier for the skin than waxing, and it creates no ingrown hairs.

    threading2. It is not expensive. It’s a quick treatment and is relatively painless (with a skilled practitioner). This does depend on your pain threshold.

    3. Threading is suitable for all skin types, even those too sensitive for laser hair removal or waxing.

    4. It takes no more than 15 minutes to thread both eyebrows.

    5. No chemicals are used in threading, so there is no risk of a negative reaction.

    The results of the treatment last for two to four weeks.

    More eyeliner tips.eyeliner
    To make your eye look bigger, go for a pencil eyeliner as it tends to be softer. Smudge the line with your finger so that it looks more natural than a straight line.
    As you get older you might be reluctant to use eye liner. Don’t stop using eyeliner; just start using a softer shade.
    The colour along the bottom lash line should never be deeper than the colour on your top lash line.
    You can line along the top lash line without lining along the bottom. But if you line the bottom lash line, you should line across the top lash line too.

    WARNING: Some skin lightening products that you can buy on line are TOXIC !!

    You may hate your uneven skin tone or freckles but be careful when buying skin lightning products on line.
    Some online treatments have been found to contain mercury, which has been banned from use in cosmetics. skin lighting creamMercury-based bleaching creams contain ammoniated mercury or mercurous chloride as a bleaching agent.
    Skin lightening creams can be bought over the internet, but they often contain toxic chemicals that can lead to uneven colour loss, which may create an unattractive red and blotchy appearance or worst
    So play it safe and seek advice before buying any skin lighting products on line.
    We will be covering this in todays blog

    Other reasons you fingers may crack!cracked fingers
    The weather isn’t the only cause, there are other issues too:
    Frequent change in temperatures going hot to cold back to hot again can affect the circulation causing itching and dryness.
    Dermatitis and eczema can be triggered by chemicals you come into contact with either at home, in the garden or at work.
    Health conditions, medication and DNA can all affect the way the skin is able to stay hydrated.

    Solving the Problem with Moisturising Hand Creams
    If you have been using creams to no avail it’s worth looking at the ingredients. Look for good stuff like:
    Apricot kernel oil
    Cocoa butter
    Borage seed oil
    Marshmallow root

    Remember that makeup has a shelf life!

    The typical shelf life of any make-up is two years, But with the exception of eye make-up which is one year. Below is a list of commonly used cosmetics and their approximate expiry dates:

    Liquid foundation and loose powder – 2 years
    Mascara – 1 year
    Eyeliner (liquid) and eye shadow (cream and powder), pencil eyeliners – 1 yearMake up expiry date
    Lipstick, lip glosses and lipliner – 2 years
    Nail paints – 2-3 years
    Hair products – 2 years
    Sunscreen – 2 years
    Fragrances – 2 years
    Face creams and body lotions – 2-3 years

    Applying eyeliner to your waterline!

    Applying eyeliner to your waterline can actually be harmful to your eyes. Your eyes have theireyeliner on waterline own set of natural bacteria, and by using eyeliner pencils, you can introduce foreign bacteria. To avoid infection and clogged oil glands, don’t line your inner rims or waterline. According to a recent study researchers found that 15 to 30 % more particles of liner moved into the eye’s protective layer (the tear film) when people applied eyeliner there, compared to outside the lash line. Something to think about next time you apply your eyeliner.

    Be gentle with your lashes

    Be gentle especially when you’re taking off your makeup. The hair follicles where the eyelashes grow are very fragile, the trauma of rubbing off eye makeup can cause the hairs to fall out and thin over time. When removing eye make up use soft cotton pads and gentle eye makeup removers and press and hold and gentle wipe don’t rub like crazy to remover your shadow, mascara, and liner. Try using eye-mshutterstock_107905049akeup remover, which contains lash-loving ingredients like peptides, panthenol and coconut oil.


    Use more than one brush when blending eye shadow

    When blending eyeshadow Do not blend with the same brushes that you used to apply the shadow! Grab a clean unused one and blend with that one.
    Why? Because when you apply eyeshadow, you’re depositing a lot of product onto the lid, so if you use the same brush to blend your not really going to be able to blend it properly if there’s still product on the brush? You’re just applying more, not blending. to get the best end result out of your eyeshadow Its needs to shutterstock_265226615be blended. Furthermore, you typically use more than one shade when creating a look so if you blend with the brush that you applied one of the colours with, the remaining product on the brush will spread over the entire area and create a sloppy look. What’s the point of taking the time to do something pretty to only undo it or not finish it properly?


    How to get the best wow lashes!shutterstock_162082862

    Before you apply your mascara. Why not use an eyelash curler to get the best out of them you need to ensure that your eyelashes are clean and dry (wet ones post-shower won’t hold a curl), position a lash curler at the root of the lashes and give three firm, gentle pumps (holding it steady doesn’t create a natural-looking, fluid curl). Release and repeat . To get an even better curl, heat your curler with your blow-dryer for 15 seconds first. this will hold the curl better.

    Do not apply concealer before foundation!applying concealer 2

    If you apply your concealer before your foundation you will be removing what you have applied. Apply foundation before concealer and you will also use less concealer. Use a creamy cover-up that matches your skin perfectly to conceal blemishes, but use a shade lighter than your skin tone for under your eyes. Also remember to not apply your concealer in a moon shape, draw a triangle to brighten the entire eye area.


    How to fix eyeliner when it smudges!fixing smudged eyeliner

    You can fix smudged eyeliner by running a cotton bud over it and if need be dip it in makeup remover first. It is also recommended that after applying a pencil eyeliner to add a small amount of eyeshadow or pressed powder over it to help keep it from smudging.


    Don’t use products with shimmer if you have oily skin.6-Must-Know-Beauty-Tips-for-Oily-Skin

    This is a rule is quite underrated: By using a shimmer highlighter it will make your face appear shinier. Rather

    use a matte bronzers and blushes. If you still want a glowing look with out the shine then try this tip user a concealer a bit lighter than your skin tone for highlighting before then use a light mineral foundation or blusher the result will be the same.



    Measuring your eyebrows!

    When shaping your eyebrows or applying make up to them it is important to measure them correctly or you could end up with a bit of a disaster. We too often see people who do not know how to do this and it is quite simple once you know.

    You can measure where your eyebrow starts by placing a make up brush or your tweezers straight down from the inner corner of your eye and making sure it is in line with the side of your nose.measuring eyebrows

    To measure where your eyebrow should finish you can use the brush or tweezers again and line them up with the bottom corner of your nose going diagonally to the outer corner of your eye.

    Take a look at the diagram if this is a bit difficult to understand.

     Make your eyes appear bigger!

    To make your eyes appear bigger try lining the top lashes with a darker shade and the lower lashes with a lighter shade. Make sure you use one colour, just in different shades, so from the same colour family. Do not line your eyes all the way around with the same colour.eyeliner

    Multi use your lip gloss!

    Keep a pearly white lip gloss handy to not only use on your lips but also on your brow bones and cheekbones as highlighter, This will save you taking your whole make up bag with you everywhere and brighten your face up in no time.pearly white lip gloss

    Fix your chipped nail polish in no time!

    Its never a good thing when your nail polish chips and you have no time to start again. To give it a quick fix you can apply a glitter polish over the top, the bigger the flakes of glitter the better as these will hide the imperfections in your colour coat and as the light catches the glitter it will be almost impossible to see your chipped varnish.glittter fix

    The correct shades!

    When it comes to picking shades of lip colour and blusher it really couldn’t be simpler, all you have to do is keep them both within the same family. For example bronze and bronze, pinks with pinks and peach with peach. They will compliment each


    other.matching cheeks and lips

    Foundation shade testing!

    You should test which shade foundation is best for you by popping a bit underneath your eyes, on/around the nose and at your cheek/jawline. Make sure you this all on one side of your face so you can compare with the no-makeup side.





    The perfect shade should pretty much disappear into your skin but if in doubt, go slightly darker, not lighter. A slightly darker shade covers flaws a lot better and will warm up your skin tone.

    Look after your lips!

    You should treat your lips just as you do your face. They need just as much care. Make sure that you remove your lipstick, exfoliate your lips and moisturise them. Also if you do wear lippie everyday then give your lips a day off at least once a week, it will give them a chance to recoup.Look after your lips

     Do curling mascaras really work?

    Well the simple truth is no, not really. You just have to manage your expectations about ‘curling’ mascara, realistically it can’t do the same thing that a a lash curler can. So we wouldn’t bother too much with mascara that claims to make your lashes curly.Mascara3

    Keep it light!

    As we are now in spring and the sun is shining, its time to start preparing for the summer.

    Get rid of your thick foundation and cream lipsticks as its time to change over to makeup with a lighter texture. Tinted moisturiser, cheek stain, bronzing gel, and lip gloss will be much better in the heat and keep you looking fresh. Always remember to use primer as primer fills in fine lines, helps makeup go on more smoothly and keeps it in place. Apply a thin layer to your skin, eyelids and even your lips, so that your tinted moisturiser, eyeshadow, and lip colour don’t go anywhere.keep it light



    Take away the shine!

    As we are approaching the warmer weather, you may want to consider reducing any shine to your face that may occur due to the heat. Try replacing your rich cleanser and face cream with a foaming gel and an oil-free daily lotion that has a minimum SPF 15. Carry a compact for midday touch-ups but don’t cover your entire face with powder. Let your cheeks glow and just freshen the center of your face.




    3 things that can make dark circles under your eyes worse

    shutterstock_152477054Not applying sun cream.

    The thin upper and lower lids are especially prone to sun-induced hyperpigmentation (and skin cancer).
    Not using a good makeup remover. If you have to rub your skin to remove your liner, you’re causing inflammation and capillary damage. Its recommend that you use something oil based if you wear waterproof or smudge proof make up as it removes even the toughest maker more easily.
    Do not wash with hot water.Many people wash their faces with hot water,this can cause puffiness around the eyes and accentuate dark circles. The same goes for hot steam. Rather use lukewarm water instead.

    Black lipstick not just for Goths!shutterstock_255643210-2

    Yep you heard right. Black lipstick is making its appearance but apparently its all about how you apply it that’s important so you don’t just look scary.
    Here is the secret to not looking scary, Lipstick this dark can make your mouth appear smaller,which means you need to emphasis the outline of your lips essential. What you do with your makeup before the lipstick goes on is also important. If you keep the face light, then the contrast of the skin and the black lips is quite beautiful, with the skin looking so fresh, it almost has the effect of no-makeup makeup with a twist. it may just be the biggest lipstick trend of the season.Here is the secret to not looking scary, Lipstick this dark can make your mouth appear smaller,which means you need to emphasis the outline of your lips essential. What you do with your makeup before the lipstick goes on is also important. If you keep the face light, then the contrast of the skin and the black lips is quite beautiful, with the skin looking so fresh, it almost has the effect of no-makeup makeup with a twist. it may just be the biggest lipstick trend of the season.

    Are applying your eye cream correctly?shutterstock_70649668

    The best way to put on an eye cream is to tap it in with your fourth finger. You want light pressure, yes this is what you are probably doing , but are you doing the next bit? Start on the inner aspect of the brow and go around the entire eye area. It is not good enough to just cover the crow’s-feet, You should be applying it to the entire upper brow, outer crow’s-feet, and under the eye, not forgetting under your brow bone.This area can get crepey and loose and wrinkled,

    Different nail shapes!

    There are many Different nail shapes, none are ideal as it depends on the individuals taste. There are several options you can choose from, some that give more stability to your nails, allowing them to grow longer without breaking.

    Oval- File the tip of the nail into an egg shape, and file away some of the side of the nails, this does weaken the nails to some extent but is ideally suited to nails that are thick or wide as it gives them a more delicate appearance.

    Almond- file the nail away at the sides and make softly pointed at the tip. This shape is not verynail-shapes-300x253 strong and if the nail is damaged some of the length will have to be filed away to rectify. Although attractive, this shape does not allow nails to grow to their maximum length, if this is what is desired.

    Round- Ideal for shorter nails, the nail is allowed to grow out straight at the sides, then the tip is filed into a rounded shape. This is a strong shape which is great for those who keep their nails short.

    Choosing the correct concealer for dark circles!yellow concealer

    A few too many late nights is all it takes to get dark circles under your eyes. To cover these dark circles you need to choose a concealer that has yellow tones and is a little lighter than your skin tone. This will help to cancel out the blue and purple tones and brighten the area.


    Why the skin around our eyes ages first!shutterstock_182074958
    The skin around eye is the thinnest and most fragile skin on the entire face.
    This is because it lacks sebaceous glands and collagen as well as elastin fibers.
    The skin around the eyes is under the strain of 22 muscles with the perpetual motion and 10,000 blinks per day. This is why the eye skin around the eye is the first area to show signs of aging. Fine and deep wrinkles and traces of tiredness can appear prematurely.
    How to make your eyes appear rounder!53a04d61d51ea_-_cos-01-white-eyeliner-v41k3g-xl
    If you have have narrow eyes, try switching the focus of your eyeliner from the top and concentrate on your bottom liner, by applying the liner to the center of the lash line, rather than the outer corners.By bringing the attention to the middle of the eye it makes the eyes appear rounder. You could add even more oomph and emphasis with a sparkle right below the center of your pupil. First,draw a faint base line, then build up the colour in the centre, using a white liner to line the bottom waterline, will help add to the look you are going for and finish of the look with the shimmery eyeshadow as stated above .

    Self tan tip- Part 3!applying moisturiser to elbows

    To make sure your dry skin doesn’t ruin your tan you should shower before hand and make sure that your skin is probably dry before applying self tan. Also Moisturising around your ankles, knees and elbows will help to avoid patchy orange tan on these parts of your body, where dry skin is more likely to be.





    Self tan tips- Part 2!


    Don’t forget to exfoliate – Self-tan can sink into dry skin, leaving dark patches that look unnatural, So don’t forget to exfoliate any dry skin before hand with a coarse scrub. Focus on rough spots like the knees, elbows, ankles, and heels. For your face, use a cleanser with glycolic or salicylic acid and a skin brush to remove dead, dull skin. Avoid anything oil-based, as it leaves behind residue that will cause streaks.



    Self tanning!self tanning


    As the sun has started to appear but it certainly is not warm enough for a natural tan yet, we thought we would give you a tip on self tanning today.

    Before self tanning always make sure that if you need to wax or shave your legs etc or you are planning to have your nails done or even touch up your hair colour, do it before applying any self-tan. As all of these treatments can remove your self-tan.


    How to do Gradient Under-Wing Eyelinergradient-under-wing-eyeliner
    The gradient effect brightens eyes in the inner corners and elongates their shape on the outer corners. Pick three colors, start with the lightest and blend the colour transitions making them look soft as you add the darker shades, make the liner become thiner and more defined,finish the wing with an eyeliner in navy black.

    31U9oZXsBTLUse sellotape on eyeshadow to make them like new
    Before applying eyeshadow try applying a piece of sellotape and lay the sticky side onto the top of your eyeshadow. Push down firmly, and remove. The tape removes the oils which are left behind from brushes or pads from the last time it was used. Making it like newpost it note

    Eyeshadow using a post- it!

    If you’re a fan of the perfect outer edge when applying your eyeshadow then this one’s for you. Apply a Post-It note to the outer edge of your eye to create a distinct line at the corner of your lid. Blend as needed then peel the post- it off and there you have it a nice crisp line.

    Swap foundation to tinted moisturisershutterstock_143490715

    If you have reasonably good skin, you could always swap your foundation for tinted moisturiser Apply using your fingers; this provides a more natural application because it goes on thinner, and you can always build from there. Make sure to apply it so that you can still see the natural skin coming through slightly. If you need more coverage, you can go back with concealer and erase any imperfections.

    Do the chest test when choosing bronzer!shutterstock_139494047

    To avoid ending up looking a funny colour why not try the chest test as a guide. You may be little confused right now, but t he key is to think about your skin’s undertones and how you tan. Since your chest is typically a more even tone than your face, you can use this as a starting point. Once you find your shade, and don’t forget to sweep a little on your neck and upper lip—two of the most commonly overlooked areas when applying bronzer.

    Use Pencil as a Guideline For Liquid linershutterstock_183277043

    If you find you struggle drawing a liquid line from scratch, then this tip is for you: Try drawing on the liner look you want first with a soft eyeliner pencil this will give you a guideline. To and trace over it with the liquid liner. This won’t interfere with the lasting power of your liquid liner and will give you the added benefit of easy clean up if you mess up the first time and want a do-over. And if you use brown,grey or dark blue eyeshadow close to the lash line any unwanted pencil lines you have you can then blend into the eyeshadow.


    Smudge with shadow

    While pencil liners with a built-in smudger on the end may seem more convenient, they are not going to give you the best effect. Instead, take a shadow in the colour of your liner, shimmery or matte will work, depending on the look you are after. Put it on a smudge brush and use it to smudge the liner. This will ensure an even smudge that is easy to blend and will last.

    shadow as liner

    How to fake rested eyes

    To fake rested tired eyes why not try a peach tone concealer, it really brighten the eye area and makes them shine. Apply to the inner corners using a small brush and stipple it out, then dab a small amount of ivory concealer to the middle of the under eye. The final result looks very


    natural.lSaving Face_zps17dkr4iy

    Make sure your strip lashes fit properly!

    Make sure your lashes fit properly. A pair with a clear or thin band are recommended as they are the most comfortable and will be the easiest to apply underneath your lashes. Measure fitting strip lashesthe strip against your own eye and if any trimming is needed then trim the outer edges to get a perfect fit. Bend and curve the band to give lashes a bit more shape. Also, if you have used the pair previously, make sure the band is completely free of any dried old glue.


    How to make your nails matte using steam


    If you want matte nail polish, but don’t want the expense of having to buy matte polish , then you could always try this tip.

    Boil some water in the micro wave make sure its not too hot as you don’t want to burn your fingers.
    Apply two coats of nail polish. While they’re still wet, hold your nails for three seconds over the steam , keeping them about 5 inches above the water. Then I watch the magic happen:

    This doesn’t always work well on dark colours so we recommend trying it when you are not going out first. To see how well it works.

    A clean workout!


    a clean workout

    We have always focused on washing our faces after we workout rather than before. This is because we worry about the effects of sweat sitting on our skin, which can clog pores and result in breakouts but it turns out sweat isn’t to blame, hygiene is.
    If you do not wash your face before working out, then you are sweating up against all of the oil, dirt, debris and makeup that is on your skin, which can clog your pores. Also if you use your hands or a towel to wipe sweat away from your face, it can push oil, dirt and debris further into your pores and lead to larger pores, collagen breakdown and future breakouts, which we are pretty sure you do not want.



    Spring 2015 Nail Trend: Negative-Space Manicures

    One of this Springs nail trends is the graphic polish designs, that let a little naked nail show through. One of the new plays that’s easy to copy at home: the metallic silver side swipes down teethe sides of your nails. Im not sure this is a look we would go for but each to their own.




    New makeup trends for Spring 2015

    It would seem them the beauty world isn’t quite ready to let go of winter just yet with, one of Springs colours set to be a colour called perfect plum eyeshadow

    As well as inky black eyes with eyeliner, one of the ways to wear your eye liner is by lining all the way around your eye with liquid eyeliner for maximum drama.( no smudges)


    Nail Trends for Spring – Half Moon ManicureHalf_Moon

    Most people know hat a French manicure is, but this spring the look has been switched up a bit.
    It s called a half moon manicure and was very popular in the 1930’s It’s not that different than your regular French manicure. Instead of highlighting your tips, you’re emphasizing your moons. It’s a small change, but offers major impact. It looks amazing when done with complimentary colours. or just the monsoons painted can look very chic.

    Caviar on your face!

    Did you know there is such thing as a caviar facial, using actual fish eggs. Ewww!!!!

    The caviar is imported from Switzerland, where it’s freeze-dried, then it’s thawed out in room temperature water and applied to the face. It’s rich in omega 3, antioxidants and minerals, which is absorbed into the skin and fights wrinkles. This is said to be as good as botox and will set you back h-wd0509-caviar-facial-2around $180 in the states.

    Fuller & longer lashes!

    You don’t have to struggle with glue and fake lashes to get longer and fuller eyelashes, there is a natural way to do. Stimulate your own lash growth by dabbing flax seed oil on your lash line. They’ll be fuller and longer in no time.


    flax seed oil



    Start in the Middle with foundation for flawless skin


    Most people tend to get the most redness in the T-zone area,Which means that’s where you neebase-truccod the highest coverage. By applying the majority of your foundation on your nose, the center of your forehead and chin, and on the apples of your cheeks—and working outward from there—you are covering the areas that really need it the most with out it looking like you have applied too much foundation.

    Zig then Zag when doing your mascara


    Mascara in zig zag movement-2

    To get the most out of your mascara, here’ is a little know secret method: You need to apply mascara in a zigzag motion from root to tip and pull it outward diagonally, from the outer corner of the eye. This creates a sexy, fluttering Bambi look and really flicks out the lashes great for amplifying a feline eye! For the bottom lashes, hold a tapered brush vertically to coat each lash individually. Finally, always use three coats of mascara.

    What is baby botox?

    The baby botox treatments involve tiny doses of botox which are injected into the usual areas. The results are still very similar to when normal doses are given, but more movement is present and it wears off more quickly. Baby Botox lasts approximately anywhere between 3- 6 months. As with normal Botox as the product builds up in the body its affects will last longer.

    The drawback, of course, is that Baby Botox treatments must be performed much more regularly to maintain the desired effect – though the lower dose does mean a lower cost. Its really just down to personal preference as which one to have done.baby botox


    Can rubbing your eyes cause wrinkles?

    Rubbing your eyes doesn’t directly cause wrinkles, but the pulling motion causes the thin, delicate skin around the eyes to crease back and forth, which leads to the appearance of alergi-mata4-Editpremature ageing over time. You’re not going to develop a web of crow’s feet from rubbing your eyes once, but we wouldn’t recommend making a habit of it.

    Facts you may not have known about your skin

    We have found some interesting facts about your skin that you may not know:

    The thinnest skin on your body is on your eyelids with its thickness only being 0.02 mm thickfacts_about_the_skin_

    Every minute your skin sheds 30,000 dead skin cells.

    Your skin has over 1000 bacteria microbiome and around 1,000,000,000,000, individual bacteria

    Every 28 days your skin renews itself


    Be careful with your concealer!woman-applying-concealer

    Using too heavy concealer on dark circles round the eyes – the skin under our eyes gets thinner the older we get so avoid applying thick concealer to cover up dark circles , keep it light and apply with a brush as it distributes the colour more evenly keeping to only the area that is dark not under the whole under eye area.



    Don’t wear too light foundation

    Foundation that is too light – using foundation that is paler than your natural skin tone will only exaggerate any fine lines. Even if you have ivory skin, you still need to go a little bit warmer as you get older, choose a colour that is one or two shades darker and has luminescent particles.120326_skin

    When self tanning goes wrong!

    We’ve all made mistakes with self tanner. It can be almost impossible to apply it without streaks. You can get rid of those streaks with a little baking soda and water. Just rub the mixture on your skin and it will actually exfoliate the streaks away.streaky fake tan

    How often should you file your nails?

    How often you should file your nails keep them at a manageable length will vary depending on the person. The average person’s fingernails grow about 0.08 to 0.12 inches (2 to 3 millimeters) in a month, so trimming and filing about once a week should suffice for most people.


    Remedies for yellow nails 


    How well they work does depend on what is causing the yellow nails! Yellow nails can be caused by

    pigment from old nail varnish,fungal infection, chronic liver disease, excessive smoking.

    But here are a couple of remedies you could try;

    Lemon – Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and can effectively clean off yellow stains from your nails

    Apple Cider Vinegar -The malic acid and acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar will help reduce discoloration of the nails. It also has antifungal properties that will help treat any kind of nail infection that causes discoloration.

    Why should we apply hand cream?

    Most of you wouldn’t wash your face without applying moisturiser afterwards, but many wash their hands and don’t follow this with hand cream. We too often leave our hands defenceless to the environment and bad weather conditions. Our hands are used so much during work, at home and in the garden that you we must protect them. Another good reason to apply your hand cream is that our hands are often the first place on our bodies to show the signs of ageing.applying hand cream

    What causes yellow nails?

    If you aren’t a heavy smoker then the main culprit for yellow nails is caused by our beloved nail polish. The darker polishes especially take a toll on your nails, leaving them stained with leftover dyes. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is by always using a clear base coat. Not only does a base coat increase the life of your nail polish, but it also seals and pryellownailsotects the nail plates from staining.

    Copper in the water could be damaging your hair !


    Hard water can wreak havoc on healthy hair. A researchers have found that copper is the biggest concern, which once inside the hair shaft, acts as a catalyst, speeding up the formation of reactive molecules that weaken the hair, yak-vivesti-voshyay-u-vagitnoyimaking it less able to stand up to daily care like blow-drying and even brushing. This effect is especially pronounced in colour-treated hair, the study found. Even if there is only a trace amount of copper in your water it can become a problem over time by building up in the hair.

    We will be looking at this a bit more in todays blog

    dottig eyeliner
    Lash trick!

    Its never easy to apply mascara to your bottom lashes without smudging it. So why not try dotting black liquid or pencil liner between the roots of your bottom lashes. This creates the illusion of thick lashes without the mess.

    How to look good even when you’re ill!

    Firstly moisturising with a thicker cream will help as you probably have some dry patches and this can help with the loss of hydration.

    When it comes to eye makeup, your aim will be to tone down the redness. A white eyeliner pencil can help with this. Avoid any shadows that have purple or red tones, which will only draw attention to existing redness. And make sure your mascara is waterproof. To add a little colour to yILL FACEour face, switch your regular lip balm for a tinted version. Stay away from lipstick as it can be especially drying. Finally, dust a little bronzer over your T-zone to give yourself a little healthy glow.


    Different Oils that are good for the skin (part 2)

    carrott oil

    Carrot Seed Oil

    Carrots are also high in antioxidants, especially the powerful cancer-fighter beta-carotene. That’s also true of the seeds of the wild carrot plant (also known as Queen Anne’s Lace), which are pressed to create this common skin-care ingredient. Carrot seed oil may help reduce inflammation in dry, irritated skin, and can even help fight off precancerous skin lesions on skin exposed to too much sun. Because of this, carrot seed oil is often added to sunscreen as well as to anti-aging creams and serums.

    Argan Oil

    Argan Oil contains high levels of vitamin E and anti-inflammatory fatty acids, and because its antioxidants won’t break down in sunlight the way others will, this is a good choice to wear during the day. Made from kernels in the nuts of argan fruit.


    Different Oils that are good for the skin (part 1)differnet oils

    Yesterdays tip inspired me to have look at other oils that are good on our skin and there bits. Here are a couple of them , tomorrow we will put a couple more on.

    Grapeseed Oil

    As its name suggests, this oil comes from the seeds of pressed grapes, and it is high in antioxidants. It is beneficial for all skin types, from dry and flaky to greasy, because it helps regulate the body’s natural oil production. Grapeseed oil is inexpensive and easy to find in the supermarket, and can be applied directly to the skin (just a few drops at a time) to even out skin tone and help prevent signs of ageing.

    Peppermint Oil

    Pepper oil leaves the skin feeling warm and tingly, peppermint oil; has natural astringent properties, which help clear out clogged pores and control the skin’s natural oil production. (Because of this, it can be helpful for people with both dry and oily skin.) Peppermint oil, like all essential oils, is very potent by itself, and it can irritate the skin if applied directly. Instead, add a few drops to a “carrier oil” like olive or sweet almond oil, place a few drops in your bath or look for commercial products that already contain a blend

    Is Olive oil good for the skin?olive oil

    Olive oil is very rich in vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids. It’s also convenient for a sensitive skin. Olive oil is a powerful ingredient of anti-aging skin care products; rich in antioxidants, it prevents skin aging, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it also nourishes, rejuvenates and protects the skin.

    Rich in vitamin E and A, olive oil helps prolong youth, hydrates the skin, maintains its elasticity and softness. Also, olive oil helps skin cells to regenerate. So the answer is yes it is but must be used sparely as is not easily absorbed into all skin types and can cause a breakout of spots.

    Why micro pigmentation( semi permanent / permanent make up) fades quicker on some people that others! 

    pmu eyebrows

    You have to remember that there are factors, like how deep or shallow the pigment is implanted, but that does depend on the technician, and how your skin responds. micro pigmentation is like working with watercolour, because the small pigment molecules need to be layered to build up density. But how many times a technician can go over an area depends on how the skin responds if it bleeds its some of the pigment out so will not last as long as not as deeply implanted.

    Eyebrows that have been plucked away over the years will have a lot of scar tissue, which is not visible to the eye, but implanting pigment becomes more difficult in scar tissue. Knocks, grazes and other scar tissue make working on one eyebrow often different to the other.

    This can be one of the many reasons your micro pigmentation ay not last as long as you had hoped.


    Yes Beauty Products Do Expireexpired makeup

    Whether moisturiser or mascara, preservatives in products only last so long after opening,the stability of ingredients have a shelf life. The tricky thing is that most beauty products do not have official expiration dates stamped or printed on their packaging. The average beauty product’s expiration date depends on when you first use them and how the product is packaged and stored.

    Which means you need to remember when you opened all your make up and as we tend to buy beauty products at different times this is nearly impossible.

    But using a product beyond its expiration date risks irritation, rashes, blemishes and various skin or eye infections. So all you can do id =s look for signs within the beauty product is expired

    to assure you’re not using out of date products.

    Here are a couple of things to look for;

    The letter M stands for the Latin word for month and the number refers to how many months. So, a “12M” with an open jar symbol means you should throw the product out 12 months after you’ve opened it.

    If a product seems unusually discolored, runny or lumpy, has separated or developed a strange odor, or feels different on the skin than it once did, then throw it away.

    Always throw out dry mascara or eyeliner—never add water to extend its life.


    Using shadow as highlighter!using shadow as highlighter

    If you have trouble finding a highlighter that is not too pink and not too gold, try using eyeshadow instead. Use a fluffy domed brush to apply the eyeshadow in a C shape from the outer corner of the eyes to the apples of your cheeks.

    Is Alcohol in skincare ever good?

    There is so much incomplete or misleading information online, it’s easy to believe that alcohol-based moisturisers or treatments aren’t really all that bad for your skin. Skincare alcohol based skincare productsformulas loaded with alcohol (SD alcohol, ethanol, denatured, isopropyl, methanol or ethyl alcohol) often have a pleasing, quick-drying finish that feels weightless on skin, which is why they are so popular. Despite the conflicting information that you’ll come across, the research is clear: No matter how good you think a skincare product , alcohol as a main ingredient in any skin-care product is a problem.

    we will be covering this in more detail on todays blog on our website


    Why does air grow from our nose and ears when we get older?

    Scientists don’t really know the answer to this one but it is thought that some types of hair develop anagen sensitivity as we grow older. The long term exposure of hair follicles to hormones such as testosterone disrupts and lengthens their growing period. That’s why nose, ear, and eyebrow hair can become long and wirery without regular trimming as we age. At least this is mainly a male problem good for us not so much or them lol

    How to remove eyelash extensions!

    Its lovely to have eyelash extensions but when there life is over and they have started to grow out a little too much or you have lost a few too many then it is time to remove them.

    To ensure you do not damage or loss your own eyelashes whilst doing this then try using steam to remove them.

    The hot steam will help loosen the eyelash extensions.removing lashes with steam
    Follow these simple steps:

    Heat up a bowl of water in the microwave. Let it get hot enough to produce steam.

    Hold your face over the bowl and drape a towel over your head, this will trap the steam around your face.

    Steam your face for about ten minutes.

    Then gently remove the lashes using a cotton pad

    Don’t apply too much moisturiserdifferent-eye-moisturizer-1

    Don’t apply too much moisturise around your eyes. Too much moisturizer encourages concealers and foundations to travel right into the very lines you’re trying to hide. If you feel you need an extra-emollient moisturiser around your eyes, apply it at night after you’ve removed your makeup, and use lighter-weight products during the day.


    Summer Beauty

    Wearing complementary make up!

    When wearing complementary makeup colours. Think of your blush and lipstick as an outfit you’re going to wear on your face. For example, if you are wearing a pink lip colour, make sure your blush is in a similar colour family. You wouldn’t wear a pink skirt and an orange top, would you? DON’T wear that on your face either unless your going to an 80″s night



    How eye shadow is meant to be worn!

    Eyeshadow is all about enhancing your eye area, not coloring it. Don’t use eyeshadow colours that match your eyes yes even brown eyes you can wear browns just choose a different shade to your eye colour have the same colour as your eyes doesn’t make them look better, it just looks out of date and overdone, which is why you rarely see examples of this in fashion magazines. If you are not sure stick to brown. There is so many different shades of brown going all the way to black which allow for an amazing range of sophisticated, glamorous, elegant, not to forget classic looks.

    Why do we have eyelashes?why do we have eyelashes

    Eyelashes help to protect your eyes. There are many particles in the air, like dust and sand, which can get into your eyes and harm them. Eyelashes help to sweep these particles out of the way.

    Also they help to keep moisture, like sweat or rain, out of your eyes. Their curved shape and the way they are positioned allow them to direct moisture away from your eyes.

    They can also act in a way similar to a cat’s whiskers. If something is too close to your face or eyes, your sensitive eyelashes can sense it and alert you to possible danger. Such dangers might include particles in the air or small insects. Your eyelashes help to tell your eyelids when they need to shut to protect the eyes.

    Why do we have eyebrows?5623257
    Eyebrows are a very significant aspect of our appearance. They are one of the most distinctive features that make up our faces, and we pay a lot of attention to them.

    Scientists aren’t entirely sure why we have kept this hair, but they have a pretty good idea. We know that eyebrows help keep moisture out of our eyes when we sweat or walk around in the rain. The arch shape diverts the rain or sweat around to the sides of our face, keeping our eyes relatively dry. The most obvious advantage of this is that it lets us see clearly when we’re sweating a lot or out in the rain. Without eyebrows, getting around in these conditions is a little more difficult. By diverting the sweat away from our eyes prevents the salt in sweat irritates the eyes.

    Blending your foundation for a flawless finish!

    When applying your foundation you should use a sponge or your fingers for sheer coverage and a brush for heavier coverage. Powder foundations, which are best for oily skin, go on with a brush (which is an entirely different kind of brush, of course, than the one for cream foundation). Stick foundations provide full coverage and can be blended with your fingers. A damp sponge is invaluable for thinning out foundation and blending it into your neck.applying-foundation-300x215

    Tips for making your lash extensions last longer

    With Party season in full swing. Many of you have had lash extensions done, it doesn’t matter if they are individual lashes or Flair/party lashes. There are certain tips you should follow to make them last longer.

    Avoid rubbing ,picking tugging or excessively touch your extensions.

    Try and sleep on your back to avoid crushing your extensions in the pillowWoman eye with beautiful makeup and long eyelashes. Mascara
    Avoid using oily creams near the eye area.
    To keep your extensions in shape for longer. Reshape your extensions after you shower. Gently comb your lashes to fan them out.
    Use gel or water base make up remover that is non oily to remove your eye make up with a cotton bud.

    Use glycol and carbonate free eyeliner that do not contains oily ingredients
    Do not curl/clump your extension or put mascara on it
    DON’T neglect your own lashes. “Maintain the health of your natural lashes with an eyelash conditioner or growth serum. They help the hairs to stay in the follicle longer resulting in stronger support for the extension

    Glittery lips!



    Nothing says Christmas like glitter and sparkly lips are a great way to wear it. To master the look, line your lips with a light coloured lip pencil and add foundation to the corners of your mouth. Then apply a creamy lipstick using a lip brush before using a flat brush to add the glitter. You can finish with a gloss. To glam up your lips even more add some clear lip gloss. If you are planning on wearing it to your Christmas do then drinking, eating and kissing may be off limits, so weigh up your priorities before applying that glitter pout.


    How to remove Glitter Nail Varnish!c18b5f3141f7314ea69efc531951539c_small

    Holiday season is here and litter nail polish of all sorts, from flakes to hexagonal shapes and everything in between is very popular. But while this variety of varnish is festive and fun, removing it isn’t quite as joyous. But you don’t have to use mountains of cotton pads and gallons of polish remover. Just follow these simple tips to make it easy on yourself.

    Step 1: Completely saturate a cotton ball with acetone nail polish remover. Set the soaked cotton ball on your pinky nail and wrap it completely in tin foil.

    Step 2: Repeat the process on each of your fingers and thumb, pressing down on the foils while the remover works its magic.

    Step 3: Let sit for about five minutes, then slide the foils off to reveal glitter-free nails.

    Step 4: Repeat steps one through three on the opposite hand.
    Your fingers will be free from glitter h in no time varnish.


    Do you really need eye cream?Woman applying eye cream

    The skin around the eyes is more fragile, more prone to dryness, and is quicker to show age and fatigue. Squinting and constant movement of the eyes also speed up the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and fluids collect under the eyes and cause puffiness and dark circles. Eye creams can address some of these issues.

    As eye creams are formulated specifically for the delicate skin around the eye, they tend to be thicker. They contain more oil than a regular facial lotion, and they have a lot of active ingredients aimed at the problems around the eyes. So the answer is yes if you want to keep those lines and wrinkles at bay.


    Applying bronzer evenly-applying-bronzer-400x266

    Once you have applied bronzer to your face then you should also put it on your neck and chest to even out your skin tone. You should then take a careful look in the mirror to make sure that you have even coverage. This will avoid the awful white neck look that we too often see.





    What to do if your skin is red and irritated !emotions-pourrissent-la-vie_blog

    If your face is red, peeling, and/or irritated from a new product, stop using the product for a few weeks to give your skin time to recover. Avoid using anything harsh and/or abrasive in the mean time, which means no exfoliating of your skin.

    If your skin goes red after using a new product, it could be that you are allergic to the product.If you try something new and feel your skin turn very hot and prickly, wash your skin immediately. If conditions don’t improve in a few hours, some hydrocortisone cream or a trip to the doctors may be necessary.

    Have you ever heard the expression ” If its burning it’s working” well its wrong products should not never burn.


    Massage aftercare!

    Did you know that there is aftercare that you should follow after having any massage treatment?

    We are guessing the answer is probably “no” as we have so many clients telling us that they have never been given aftercare following their massage treatments before.

    This is very important aftercare information-back-massage-300x200

    1. Drink plenty of water for the next 8 hrs, this is to prevent you from dehydrating as this can happen because the toxin’s are now leaving your body twice as fast as they normally would. This can also lead to a headache the next day, much like the effect of a hangover.

    2. Do not eat any rich, creamy or spicy foods for the next 8 hrs as these food groups contain preservatives which cause toxin’s. As your toxin’s are leaving your body twice as fast this will make you feel unwell.

    3. No excessive exercise for the next 8 hrs as you may undo any good that has been done during your massage and you could do yourself an injury. So take it easy following your massage and you will get the maximum benefits.

    There is a condition called the healing crisis that can occur if you do not follow the aftercare. The symptoms are flu like and can last between 1 and 3 days. It’s basically your bodies way of telling you to slow down.

    Do’s and Do nots for winter skincarea2d745_897859a1ca95463f8e324eeb23618689.jpg_srz_552_283_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

    Change your moisturiser to something suitable for dry skin if you notice dry on cheeks nose etc – go for products using the words ‘nourishing’.

    Change your moisturiser to something labelled ‘hydra’ or ‘hydrating’ if you suspect that your skin may be dehydrated.

    Make sure you are not using products that are too harsh or too stripping for either.

    Steer clear of foaming anything – keep the bubbles for your dishes.

    Use balms, oils and serums for they are less grease but work better than creams.

    Use milks, specified oils and treatments for treating dehydrated skin.

    Stay away from mineral oils, silicones (in skincare – not makeup), lanolins and synthetic fragrance all of which will make a dehydrated skin worse.

    A little bit of liner !188025353162384393JqDeean3c

    BLACK eyeliner never goes out of style, but for this winter the way to wear it to draw it as close to your eyes as you can get it for a rebellious twist on the beauty classic. The focus point to note is the waterline. This the area between your lower lashes and your eye. Apply your eyeliner here and push through the liner up in to your upper lashes to achieve the sultry, rebellious look . Don’t worry if it smudges that all adds to the look.

    A few handy makeup tips!

    Using concealer- Never put concealer on your eyelids as a base as it will cause your eye makeup to crease which is not a good look and will make older eyes look even older.

    Applying your foundation- Use your fingers to apply your foundation if you want sheer coverage and a brush if you are after a more polished full coverage look.applying foundation with finger

    A powder trick- Always apply powder where you are shiniest first, (this will usually be your T-zone) and then apply a very light dusting everywhere else.


    Applying bronzer evenly!
    Once you have applied bronzer to your face then you should also put it on your neck and chest to even out your skin tone. You should then take a careful look in the mirror to make sure that you have even coverage. This will avoid the awful white neck look that we too often see.bronzer-neck1


    Eye shadow tip you may not know!

    To Get the best look always start with a base shadow without any shimmer that matches the lightest skin tone on your face and apply all over your lid up to the brow. By doing this you will be able to blend the darker shadows used on your lid up to the crease are properly . You will get a graduated effect with the colours you using that blend smoothly into one another.







    An Eyeliner Tip you may not know!

    Instead of looking straight ahead at the mirror, when you apply your eyeliner get as close to it as possible, stick your head up and bring your chin toward the mirror. You want to look down as you apply, starting at the inner corner and making sure to go all the way out to the fold on the outside of the eye. This makes it easier to get the look you want as you can see where the eyeliner sits as you draw it.



    How to cover under eye bags!143059ed78933df06eadf486d2a3a372

    Under eye bags can be really annoying especially when you think you are are applying concealer correctly.

    DO NOT apply the concealer on to the bags as concealers are lighter then foundations and quite often have extra highlighter in them.

    You need to use a moisturiser first to hydrate the area, then use a small brush an angled brush if possible Apply the concealer to the shadow under the bag, building the concealer slowly by highlighting this area. This makes the bag become less visible, if your not sure where to apply the concealer drop your head down slightly to see the shadow more clearly.
    This tip works much better then just using concealer if the shadow is very dark use a colour correcting concealer

    Avoid Cakey Concealer


    Wearing heavy cover-ups only accentuates crepey skin and wrinkles. After applying foundation, use your fingertip to dab a creamy formula sparingly over age spots and other blemishes. Don’t rub; just lightly press and roll until the product melts into your skin.




    Be careful when using Eyeshadow Primer!

    eyeshadow primer

    Primer is great and will help you lock your makeup look into place. Be careful not to add too much of it on areas of your face where you won’t actually apply colour as this will actually detract from the look you’re going for (mostly because primers are brighter in tone than most makeup shades).


    Tips for luscious lips. 

    Tip 1; Plump your pout: Dotting a light, shimmery gloss in the center of your lips creates a more visible 3-D effect.

    Tip2: Use a lip liner and a high-shine gloss to make them appear fuller.

    Tip 3: Avoid dark lipsticks because they will only emphasize how small your lips are.


    Could your skin be dehydrated?lipsfinal

    A lot of people mistake dehydrated skin for dry skin which is lacking in oil but while dry skin is a common skin type, dehydrated skin can actually occur in all skin types. It is a skin condition that is caused by a lack of water, not oil and this means that even the oiliest skin types can suffer from it .Dehydrated skin is becoming one of the most common skin complaints discussed in beauty salons. The modern phenomenon of stripping skin with harsh acne treatments, over exfoliating and using treatments like chemical peels has literally drained the moisture out of many people’s skin.




    Could your skin be dehydrated?





    Should Semi permanent make up be painful?

    NO! Is the correct answer. Obviously it will be a little bit uncomfortable but you should be able to tolerate it. The following day it may be sore to touch but nothing more than that (you shouldn’t be touching it anyway) most importantly it should never be so painful that you require a pain killer. This is all of course true as long as the technician usesanaesthetic. If they do not use anaesthetic throughout your treatment then we would suggest using someone else.



    Quick contouring trick to slim the face

    Choose a brownish matte blush that’s not too dark (bronzers stand out too much), and sweep the blush lightly below your cheekbones, temples and along the jawline. Blend carefull for a natural look. This is a very simple contouring trick.


    quick contouring

    Tip for volumizing your lashes!


    Try putting a bit of baby powder on your lashes between the coats of mascara obviously don’t use loads and use a disposable mascara wand or a cotton bud to apply it. This can make your lashes look plump and full with out the expense of having to buy a separate mascara for volume.








    Emergency eyeliner;

    If you run out of eyeliner, and don’t have time to run to the store to buy some, here is a tip you can you do . Take your mascara and a angled eyeliner brush and run the liner brush along the mascara brush which removes just enough to use for eyeliner,this makes a good temporary eyeliner.


    Make your nail polish last longer!


    You can help to make your nail polish last longer by wiping your nails over with an acetone based nail polish remover before you start painting. This will ensure that any dirt, oil or moisturiser are gone and your nail polish will adhere properly.



    Here is an idea you may not have thought of when trying to tame your eyebrows!

    If you just can’t seem to get your eye brows to lie flat why not use lip balm to tame your eyebrows just don’t go too mad as you don’t want spots under your eye brows as can be painful when plucking or threading your eyebrows.

    wiping nails


    Kale nail polish!


    We’ve heard of Kale being used as an ingredient in our skin care products but now its coming to our nail polish. Nails Inc have bought out a Kale base coat, we have yet to know what it is like personally but we think it’s worth a try so look out for it. Its called Nailkale superfood base coat. It is said to promote healthier nails.




    Quick fix basic application of eyeshadow


    The simplest way to apply eyeshadow is to only use only one neutral coloured eyeshadow

    Apply the eyeshadow to your entire eyelid. but only up to the crease
    You can then build the colour in the crease and blend upward, be careful to only go halfway up to the eyebrows.
    You Could also apply a smokey soft line with the shadow under the bottom lashes given a soft natural look.a91c3958894bbbeb214a50e4efab2ac9


    Picking the right mascara formula!


    The key to preventing mascara from bleeding is to start with the right formula. Waterproof mascara is a good place to start but sometimes it’s not water that causes your mascara to run, it can be the oils in your face. Look for a mascara that is smudge proof and budge proof. Experiment with different products to find the one that is right for you. Remember that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better.

    smudged mascara





    Should you be using bronzer in the colder months?


    The answer is yes you should. As we use bronzer in the summer to enhance our tan, we often wonder if we should use it at all when we come into autumn but we should. Just a little glow is enough though as we don’t normally have as much colour to our cheeks in the colder months.

    When you’re not getting as much sun, the colour should not be as rich. Shimmer will look more artificial so you will need to use more of a matte texture.






    Why Mineral Make up is better!

    Mineral makeup binds to oils not water. This gives the makeup a natural water resistance and is much better for your skin then conventional cosmetics. Conventional makeup contains chemicals, oils and other additives that can either irritate sensitive skin or cause unnecessary breakouts.mineral makeup
    Most of the cheaper foundations on the market have a list of ingredients that potentially harmful to your skin. Mineral makeup is safer as it adheres to the natural oils on your skin and doesn’t seep into the pores.
    Makeup acts as a protecting agent against free radicals. Almost any barrier between your skin and the environment is good (other than dirt), so long as it’s still letting your skin breathe, which most makeup doesn’t. Mineral foundation allows your skin to breathe while still offering protection.This is because titanium dioxide is used in most mineral products, it’s also an excellent SPF. You can’t beat a makeup that works with your natural body chemistry.




    What are the white bits on your nails?

    Most people think that it means you have a calcium deficiency if you have white spots on your nails but this is not normally the case. It is infact a condition called leukonychia. These spots mostly develop as a result of mild to moderate trauma to your nail. If you can’t think of anything that would have injured your nail, consider the fact that nails grow very slowly, so the injury may have occurred weeks before the spots ever appeared.

    white spots on nails

    There is another possibility that the spots could be a sign of a mild infection or allergy or a side effect of certain medications.

    These white spots will usually grow out and will not cause you any problems.



    Don’t forget to wash at night Not washing your face before bed


    The 2 minutes it takes to cleanse before bed helps ensure a fresh faced look for years. Sleeping with dirt, oil, and makeup on your face causes acne and enlarged pores. For a more convenient quick wash before bed you can try using facial cleansing wipes instead if you find it all bit of a hassle.





    exfoliating_18jdjne-18jdjnpBe Gentle when keeping your skin healthy!

    The temperature changes and becomes colder our skin takes a hammering from the wind and rain as well as the cold.

    Its important to remove any dead skin with a gentle exfoliator.

    There are gentle exfoliating methods for the face, and others that you can use on the body to improve the texture of your skin. Most skin types can benefit from some form of exfoliation, but it is important to use the exfoliant correctly- and not too often. Apart from micro exfoliants, which are specifically designed for daily use, exfoliation is best done once or twice a week at the most.

    a word of caution when it comes to exfoliators, If you have very dry, delicate, or sensitive skin, be cautious with exfoliating products. Some may be too harsh and dry the skin out even more.

    If you have oily skin, you may find that exfoliating stimulates the sebaceous glands, making the skin even oilier.

    Whatever exfoliating , be gentle; don’t rub too vigorously anywhere.

    Do not use an exfoliant on delicate areas, such as under your eyes.

    If you have fragile skin and a tendency to develop visible blood vessels on your face, use a mild product and be extremely gentle.

    Why shouldn’t you use a normal shampoo on hair extensions?

    Woman washing hair with shampoo

    Normal shampoo’s contain sulphate What is Sulphate you may be asking?
    Sulphate is a chemical found in toothpaste and other cleansing products, and is used mainly as a detergent. In the same way as sulphate is used to clean our teeth, sulphate shampoos are formulated to deep clean your hair from tip to root. Unfortunately, hair extensions can’t produce and replace the hair’s natural oils that are stripped away from cleaning with sulphate and as a result, the hair extensions become dry and brittle. To avoid dry, matted extensions and to help keep your hair extensions hydrated and moisturised, Only use Shampoo’s and other hair products that are sulphate free. To ensure you extensions stay in tip top condition.

    How to remove your Halloween make up!

    After all the scary make up and face painting for Halloween it can be a real nightmare to remove it once the night is over. harry halloween

    Obviously you can use make up remover but it will depend if its a good one or not and can take some time if its not a good quality remover.

    Baby wipes are also a good option but for the most effective way to remove your Halloween make up, all you will need is some oil, it can be baby oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil. Your make up will slide off, just place the oil of your choice on a cotton pad and watch it disappear.

    Do’s and Don’t of eye lash extensions part 3

    Do look after your own lashes. Maintain the health of your natural lashes with an eyelash conditioner or growth serum. They help the hairs to stay in the follicle longer resulting in stronger support for the extensions. This should be done leading up to wearing eyelash extensions and after wearing them, not during.imagen54

    Do’s and Don’t of eye lash extensions part 2
    If you pick, tug, twist or excessively touch or brush your extensions, it could damage your natural lashes. If at any time you don’t wish to continue, always have them professionally removed.



    Do’s and Don’ts of lash extensions Part 1


    Don’t let moisture-rich products get onto your lashes. “Shampoo, conditioner, heavy creams or anything oil based will eventually loosen the bond. Tilt your head back when washing your hair or take a bath to avoid getting them wet. Not all lash extension glue is waterproof




    Priming lips!


    When you apply your Lip colour if it’s applied incorrectly, it can be a real disaster. Regular exfoliation and lip liner can help to prevent dry, cracked lips and lipstick feathering but lip primer is the real winner when it comes to ensuring you have a smooth application and long-lasting colour.


    Mascara primer!

    We have all heard of primers fro the face even the body but you can also use primer for you lashes.
    If you’re a regularly wear mascara, then you will also you know that effect mascara can have on your natural lashes. Some formulas dry them out and makes them look shorter and brittle once the mascara the mascara is removed.

    But all is not not as you can now buy mascara primers! These specially formulated conditioners prep the lashes with conditioning ingredients such as panthenol that help strengthen the lashes and make them more durable.

    Colouring you hair extensions and what you need to know


    Strand Test First. Make sure the finished product is going to be what you want by dying a section of hair before doing the whole thing.

    Don’t lift the colour If you know you’re going to need to dye your extensions, order a shade or two lighter and add color. Never lift colour.
    The hair extensions have already gone through a dying process, and lifting colour will damage them.
    Stay within 2 Shades. You can go darker, but only two shades darker.
    Colour this is best done before installation. It’s easier on the bonds and on your client’s head.
    Demi- or Semi- Only. You don’t need the permanent colour. Demi-permanent and semi-permanent colours will produce the same effect, but won’t cause as much strain on the extensions as permanent dye does.
    Treat the coloured extensions like you would your own colour-treated hair. Don’t wash them for the first 24 hours, use sulfate-free and colour-safe products and avoid chlorinated water.


    Could your chapped lips be due to a vitamin deficiencies ?


    Some vitamins are essential for bones, others for cell growth,while others, like the vitamin B-complex, are support your skin. Your lips, are a very sensitive skin, and depend on vitamins to keep them healthy and prevent them from drying and chapping. Chapped lips cannot only be frustrating and painful, deficiencies of some vitamins may even make them crack. Eating a healthy diet prevents this problem.


    Untangling hair extension



    Here are some tips on how to untangle your hair extensions with out making the problem worst or ripping your hair out of your head.
    I’m speaking from experience after having terrible problems with my extensions on holiday i learn’t the hard way now you don’t.

    Firstly it is important to keep your hair hydrated as the drier it is the more prone to your hair becoming tangled you will be. Use a good leave in conditioner that is designed for hair extensions as it won’t be too oily you don’t want your extensions just slipping out.

    Use the correct brush not just any old brush will not do, use either a tangle teaser, a loop brush or a ball brush. try not to brush or comb you hair when it is really wet as you will stretch the hair, slightly damp is fine this can be done by pouring some leave in conditioner in a to a spray bottle add water and dampen the hair this way you are hydrating your hair as well.

    We have already explained that you should always start from the bottom holding the hair and work your way up and if you didn’t know that you do now, don’t use the side of the brush use the end (so head of the brush so the handle is pointing down) as when you brush with side of the brush you are actually brushing the knot into the hair which you differently don’t want to with extension gently tease the knot out this minimised damage to the extensions and trama to you natural hair.
    If you have a big knot don’t drag a comb through As this will just damage both your hair and the extension part the knot by using your fingers first then use method i have said above don’t forget to brush the top of your head otherwise you eventually have a matted mess this goes for underneath as well your hair as well always brush these areas very gently. When ever you brush your hair always feel where your hair feels more bulky as this is where a knot is developing if you get unto a habit of following the above your hair extensions will stay beautiful for longer.

    Wearing no Blusher could be adding years onto you!APPLYING BLUSHEROur faces lose colour as we age which will lead to a washed out complexion that makes blusher all the more important. Blend a cream formula onto the apples of your cheeks for a nice glow.
    The best times to apply your moisturiser!The best times to moisturise your skin are generally after you shave, exfoliate or after your bath or shower.
    Shaving and exfoliating normally lead to the removal of dead skin cells, but they can also strip your skin of natural and essential oils, so it is important to replenish with a good moisturiser.
    Also when your skin is still wet so right after you bathe or wash your face is an ideal time to apply moisturiser for maximum benefits. This is because the moisturiser will capture the water that is left on your skin and seal it into your pores. This will provide great hydration for the skin that will last longer than moisturising alone, especially on dry skin.

    Primer isn’t just good on your face!

    Primer is obviously intended to prime your face for makeup as it cuts down on unwanted shine, minimises pores and fine lines, and creates a better canvas for foundation and concealer.

    So this also makes it a great product to put on your shoulders and back to reflect light, tone down unevenness, and give a gorgeous luminosity to the skin. The creamy, sheer slightly pearlescent formula means imperfections get instantly blurred, but you don’t have to worry about pigment rubbing off on clothing as you would with body makeup.primer on back


    Make up tips for when you’re wearing your glasses!

    If you are wearing a dark frame then stay away from dark lined smokey effect make up on your eyes as this will be too much.
    Instead go with a softer liner and neutral eye shadow to compliment your eyes.

    Go for a lengthening mascara over a volumising one as your glasses will accentuate your lashes anyway. Make sure you also wearing glassescomb through your lashes to avoid any clumping as this will be more obvious when your wearing your glasses.

    Unfortunately as well as emphasizing your lashes your lenses will emphasize your under eye area. So be careful not to cake on the concealer and use a sheer, light reflective pigment concealer instead.

    How to cover a spot!

    Do not be tempted to squeeze the spot as this will make it worse and more difficult to cover. To avoid the spot getting worse, apply warm water to it on a towel and hold it there for 10mins to open the pores. Now cleanse your face taking extra care to cleanse the area in which the spot is, follow this with an oil free moisturiser.

    Make sure you wash your hands before touching your face as you don’t want to spread germs around your face and cause more spots.cover spot

    To help with redness use a small dab of green concealer on the spot followed by a concealer that matches your skin tone, apply it around the spot not directly on top of it. Use a mineral foundation, you can apply this to the spot and it won’t soak in.

    You should now appear spot free!


    Coral Make up!
    coral make up
    Coral is a colour that complements everyone. It is a warm, happy colour that can brighten any complexion instantly. Coral is truly timeless and it’s a colour with a variety of shades that can be used for a natural look or a more glamourous one. You can choose to wear it as a blush, lipstick, gloss or nail colour and you will never go wrong with coral.


    Blush for your face shape!

    When you apply blusher you need to apply it where it will be most flattering on you, first determine your face shape. Blusher not only adds colour, but also contours and defines your cheek bones. The way you apply your blusher can accentuate your best features and also soften those that are perhaps too prominent.

    blusher tips

    Perfect looking Skin

    Use a concealer brush, apply cover-up to any spots use short, quick motions, like you’re spackling. Why a brush? The tapered bristles can get into the crevices of a blemish better than your fingers.

    Try and use a concealer that is made with salicylic acid; as when its layered won’t make the skin look cakey Set everything in place with a skin-tone matching powder.13463649

    Testing lipstick in store!

    To correctly test lipstick in a store you should obviously never apply it to your lips as this is very unhygienic, its also a good idea to wipe the end of the lipstick before and after testing for hygiene reasons.

    Test the lipstick on your fingertips as it is a closer match to your lips than the back of your hand.lipstick finger lips

    Why is Sulfate Bad for Hair Extensions?

    Sulfate-free products do not create as much lather in the shower, but that frothy bubble that comes from sulfates in your shampoos, can cause problems. iIf you have hair extensions.The problem is that they clean a little too well. The scalp produces natural oils that nourish hair, and sulfates wipe out those natural oils. If your hair is too oily, small amounts of sulfates can be good, but if hair is dry, sulfates can be irritating to the scalp. Most hair extensions are made of 100% human hair and aren’t attached directly to your scalp, so they don’t receive the natural oils from your hair as they naturally should. Sulfates will dry out extensions and strip them of their color. Also if you have keratin bonds (most fusion bonds are made of of this) sulfates WILL break down the keratin weakening it and become sticky which will cause matting or the hair extensions to shed or completely fall out.

    What to look for on the packaging:
    Sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, and myreth sulfate are some technical names of sulfates.1622859_745145238837881_1860694140_n


    How often should you have your micro ring hair extensions maintained?

    Once you have had your micro ring hair extensions applied your technician should advise you to come back between 4 and 6 weeks for maintenance, this is to check them and move them up if necessary as when our hair grows the micro rings will move down the hair, which will not only look terrible but can also damage your hair.hair ext tools



    Winter eyes

    Research has found that throughout the seasons circles and bags under the eyes appear significantly darker in the colder months. This is apparently because of a lack of sunlight which leads to paler skin and emphasises eye bags. It can be made worse by us all feeling more tired and lethargic in winter due to a lower level of vitamin D, which is vital for bone health and is generated by the body when it is exposed to sunlight.

    80’s makeupprivirea-rece-a-iernii-pictura-ulei-pe-panza-the-cold-eyes-of-winter-oil-on-canvas-painting1

    Lou and i are out at at 80’s night so Today we thought we would remind you of some of the 80’s make up trends
    Eighties makeup featured dramatic eyes, heavy foundation and powder and an even heavier blush contouring of the face. Women wore either bright, rainbow colour clashes in their eye makeup or really dark shades, which were used for dramatic eyeliner looks or smoky eyes. Lips came in bright glossy pinks, reds and oranges.

    One of the most recognizable aspects of the 80s makeup has to be the blusher. It was used as a contouring product, it was applied angular, to the hollows of the cheeks all the way to the temples and even brushed gently on the arches,. The 80s colours were bright pinks, bronze, coral or red blush , without blending out the edges.

    The 80s saw contrast and chromatic clashes in colour were extremely popular,men and women often used strongmqdefault, saturated colours for their eye makeup.

    The lunch time face lift!!


    A nano-current treatment that’s a cut-price version of the wrinkle-busting CACI procedure used by Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox
    Dubbed the ‘lunchtime facelift’, it gets its nickname because it only takes half an hour – the time it would take to nip out for a sandwich.
    The treatment is also proving to be popular because it only costs £30 – a much cheaper alternative to many surgical alternatives, which can cost thousands of pounds.

    The nano current helps stimulates blood circulation, reduces excess water, removes cellular waste, bacteria and toxins through lymphatic drainage, say founders Nouveau Skin Therapy.
    The tiny currents apparently stimulate the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) in the skin cells, which produces more collagen to repair damaged cells leading to younger looking skin.

    But is this really any different to Micro current facials? That have been around for years, we think not as with any1407333423_feyslifting2 type of electrical facial it will only work probably if you have a course of them and maintain them every 4-6 weeks.

    But at least it now getting some exposure

    We offer this type of facial in our salon under the facials tab

    Autumn – Winter 2014 trends – Lips


    The look for lips this season is very much dependent on what’s happening with the eyes. With so much drama happening with eyes, it’s best to keep lips subtle. If it is a simple black wing lining the eyes then go for lipstick shades of burgundy, velvet purple or even classic red.

    Natural lips were everywhere are still in for autumn and winter which matches your natural skin tone. If you are bored with browns start to layer a shimmery pink gloss on top or go for matte pale pink lips.


    Autumn – Winter 2014 trends for skin.


    Skin stays illuminated for fall and winter, never falling flat or dull. Bronzer is even welcomed this season use it to help sculpt the face. Highlighter used on cheekbones warms up the skin to not look as cold and pale as it may be outside.

    Natural shades of blush are used mostly now, or a varied shade of merlot for those deep winter months.



    Autumn to Winter 2014 Eye make up trends10430378_709994649059252_6816205018201773604_n-280x188

    Colour is no longer just for the spring and summer months. Any shade of blue applied as a shadow, with thick winged liner, or smudged along the bottom lash line is the trend for autumn going into winter. You could also use a metallic silver, bronze and gold liquid shadows and liners are this winter.

    Liner goes wide this season—seen on the runways, forget the perfect winged cat eye. Go over and out with eyeliner— over the crease and out past the eyebrow. Use the same colour liquid liner to fill in the eyes—think of a teardrop shape, but sideways. This eye trend looks like poised and dramatic.
    Not sure this look is going to be for everyone.

    Sugar for skin care!

    Sugar has surprising moisturising qualities that make it a useful ingredient in a number of skin-care treatments. Combined with a small amount of olive oil, sugar makes an effective scrub for dry hands or rough, calloused feet. A small amount of brown or white sugar stirred into a teaspoon of honey will exfoliate and moisturise dry lips.sugar lips




    Dairy Products for skin care!

    Dairy products such as cream, milk or yogurt are full of healthy fats that act as natural moisturizers. Cleanse your face with a paste made from cream, ground oats

    and a few drops of green tea, or a combination of oats and yogurt. Wash your face with a mixture of whole milk and warm honey, or add milk and honey to a warm bath. This works best when you use full-fat milk or yogurt.


    Check out yesterdays blog on our website for more household items that are good for your skin.

    How give the illusion of fuller lips

    Use a colorless lip balm with shimmer, and apply it to the skin just above your cupid’s bow the area below your nose and between the peaks of your top lip. Adding light to that area creates the illusion of larger lips,

    Then apply a moisturising lipstick, make sure it has a high-shine finish; matte versions don’t reflect light. Finish with a swipe of the shimmery balm on the center of your bottom



    What causes eyebrow hair loss?

    Losing eyebrow hairs is not always just a consequence of over plucking or old age, it can also be because of a medical reasons

    some of the most obvious conditions, that affect our hormonal balance may certainly lead to hair loss within the eyebrow region.

    This may be due to internal conditions like pregnancy and thyroid disease, or the use of medications like birth control pills or hormone tablets. such as Danazol, BCPs, Progestesrone, Diethystilbesterol (DES), HCG (pregnancy hormone) But fortunately, addressing the situation often results in hair re-growth. Please speak to your G.P if you are concerned.

    We will covering this in more depth on our blog later todayeyebrow-hair-loss


    Gelatin for hands and nails!

    Here is another tip you could try if you have split nails and cracked hands, a good ‘soak’ in gelatin will certainly help. Take a packet of gelatin or lemon jelly, pour it into a cup of hot water. Make a paste and put it to set. When it has set, soak the hands in this jelly, keep rubbing the nails and cuticles as well as the hands. Keep them soaked for at least 15 minutes. A regular use of this treatment prevents cracks on the skin of the fingers and the cracking and splitting of fingernails.




    Help your nails to grow with garlic!

    Garlic is a very effective way to make your nails grow fast. Simply apply garlic paste to your nails twice a week or cut a garlic clove in half and rub it on your nails.The bulb is high inselenium, and some studies have linked low selenium levels to weaker nails. So we think its worth a ago you can always leave the juice to dry, then wash off if you can’t stand the smell.


    Removing glitter polish!garlic-for-nails

    Moving on from yesterdays tip we are now going to give you a helpful tip when it comes to removing that glitter polish. Glitter polish looks very glam but is almost always a pain to remove. We suggest trying to remove it in a similar way to when you remove Shellac but with normal nail polish remover rather than acetone.

    To do this you need to put a cotton wool pad onto a small amount of tin foil (but enough to wrap around your finger) then put some nail polish remover onto the cotton wool pad and wrap the pad and foil together around your finger. Leave this to soak for about 15mins and it should then come off.


    Quick fix for chipped nail polish!removing glitter polish

    We know all know how annoying it can be to paint your nails and then within a day chip them but all is not lost. we have found a two-minute fix that camouflages chips without having to start a whole new manicure from scratch.

    Apply a coat of glitter nail varnish.Just paint it on right over your chipped polish for an instant fix..The bigger the glitter bits the better no one will be able to tell that you chipped your nail polish.

    gittler polish

    Health and Nails!What-Do-Your-Nails-Say-About-Your-Health2

    Nails can be a sign of your health status. They can warn us early of impending problems. If nails are healthy, smooth and pink with a slightly curved surface, you are probably pretty healthy too, but nails that are unhealthy, brittle, discoloured, misshapen, may mean you have a nutritional deficiency or some other health problem
    People who wear artificial nails or use nail polish should remove it often and check for any unusual changes in their nails. Nails provide us with early warnings of problems. Masking or ignoring those signs is not good for health.


    Looking after your hair extensions- part 2!

    Brushing – this is as important as cleaning your teeth. Use a soft bristle brush as this will help you detangle your hair without damaging it. When it comes to brushing them take care and have patience. Start at the bottom, as you would with your natural Looking after your hair extensionshair, detangling that area first before you move up to work on the top sections. Be gentle with you extensions as pulling will cause serious breakage which will turn your gorgeous hair extensions into a frizzy, dingy-looking mess no girl in her right mind would want near her head.




    Aftercare for micro ring hair extensions – Drying your hair!


    As we now do Pre bonded micro ring and micro loop hair extensions we thought we would add some tips

    When drying your hair off with a towel do not rub your hair vigorously as this will only cause it to tangle, simply pat or squeeze your hair dry with the towel.

    If using a blow dryer it is recommended that you don’t use it on the hottest heat setting, this is to just reduce any chance of melting the bond or causing damage to your natural hair. However it is important that where the hair extension is attached this does not get left wet or damp as it will cause the bond to become more vulnerable and at risk of breakage.


    Is PAPER make-up the next big thing in beauty?

    There’s never a shortage of weird and wonderful new products in the beauty industry.
    The latest product is a make-up made from paper. Yes you heard me right it looks like blotting paper but these new foundation, highlighter and blush paper from Mai Couture are tipped to be the next big thing in beauty.

    The light sheets of make up paper £12.50 for £50, and are infused with colour for foundation, lips, cheeks and eyes.
    The manufactures encourage you to simply press and sweep the paper over your desired part of your face and then blend it into finish the look.
    Well what will they think of next think we did to do a tried and tested on this product.

    Tips to help reduce the appearance of acne scars naturally


    If you were unfortunate to have acne, you may have some acne scars, which can be very frustrating and very expensive to removed by chemical peels,laser etc. We have found some natural alternatives that claim to help with the appearance of acne scaring.

    Mint -Crush mint leaves and strain the juice in a muslin cloth. Apply this on scarred area. This will help remove acne scars naturally and gradually.

    Turmeric & mint -Mix turmeric powder, mint juice, and apply to your acne scars. Keep them on for 20 minutes and wash with warm water. Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties and mint has healing properties. Therefore, your pimple marks will heal very fast.

    Orange peel – Orange peel is rich in retinol which helps in skin renewal. Retinol encourages natural exfoliation by increasing the rate at which dead cells shed from the skin. As well as stimulating collagen production which helps to rebuild and repair the elastin fibers in the cells. The result is over all cell renewal and regeneration. This entire procedure results in the fading of the acne scars and appearance of healthy skin.


    Build up the colour when using eyeshadow

    When it comes to eyeshadows, it’s best to layer and blend in several shades on the lids up to the crease. Don’t try to create a crease by drawing in a darker line at the crease, this can look fake.

    When using the layering technique, start with a light base colour, then add a medium colour on the lid and then build onto this with a deeper colour on the lid. It’s important to blend so the eye makeup doesn’t look harsh. There lots of different eyeshadow styles ply around and see what suites you.


    Beauty Tips For Dark Skin Tones part 2Makeup-for-Dark-Skin-tips-610x225

    Choosing the correct eyeshadows for darker skin tones.

    First things first: try to avoid whites, pale blues, pale pinks, and pale greens, as they can make your skin look ashy. An easy way to test out shadows is by trying them on your hand first. If the shade melts right into your skin, it’s the one for you. If it makes your skin look dried out,its not the one for you.

    Some the colours you can try are, dark, metallic colours like green, copper, burgundy, purple and brown will go great with dark skin especially if you’re wearing them at night.



    Beauty Tips For Dark Skin Tones part 1

    If you’re blessed with dark or dusky skin, there’s a lot you can play around with in terms with beauty and makeup for dark skin tone. But there are few tips you should remember.

    Moisturise;If you have dark skin, its important to moisturise especially if you have dry skin, as it tends to look ashy if skin is not moisturized properly. After your daily shower, make sure you apply a good moisturiser to keep your face and body well-hydrated. This will give you that clear, glowing dusky look.

    Don’t pick spots/pimples because darker skin is prone to have acne or pimple scars. which show up more on darker skin than those with lighter skin.

    Selecting foundation- when you are selecting foundation for darker skin tones, the best spot to try it out is not on the back of your hand, but instead, on your forehead and just above your jaw line. Be extremely careful while selecting your shade, as anything that’s lighter than your skin tone may end up making you look greyish.

    Also remember that darker skins tend to have uneven skin tone so the colour on you forehead may be different on you cheeks so you would need to probably use more than one shade. we will be covering more on beauty for darker skin next week


    How to pull of intense eyes.69puwQCcTsU

    Here’s how to make bold eye makeup work for you!

    Sexy liner is all about the contrast between black makeup and the whites of the eyes. Use a soft black pencil above, below and between lashes, and line both top and bottom inner rims. make sure you have strong brows help to frame your eyes. When doing intense eyes you need to have great brows as any bald spots or straggler hairs will be in spotlight.


    As dark makeup can make the eyes recede, try adding depth with shimmery highlighting shades above the crease as well as adding light to the inner eye area. Blend your highlight shade on the center of the eyelid, avoid frosty shimmer on the brow bone, as this which looks dated.


    You will probably need less eye shadow than you think, start with a tiny bit of product on your brush, and work it outward to create a soft smoke. This makes all the difference between intense eyes and a raccoon eyes. Finish by blending all the shades together to erase any hard lines.

    Another use for coconut oil- Teeth whitening!

    Coconut oil can be used for many health benefits and one of these is oral health. coconut oil pulling

    This is done by oil pulling, which is what? you ask. 

    To oil pull you need to put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth, then swish it around for 15-20 minutes. This will reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth. As when you swish the oil around your mouth, the bacteria get stuck in it and dissolve in the liquid oil.

    This will help to whiten your teeth, make your breath fresher and lead to massive improvements in oral health.

    For more information on oil pulling check out today blog on our website.

    We hope you enjoy our Beauty Tips of the Day