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    We have added some short Beauty Tip 4 U that cover a  large range of informative tips where it is easier to show you rather than tell you.

    Beauty & The Chocolate

    Dark circles

    All that glitters can be too much!

    What are the effects of stress on the skin?

    All about dry skin

    How to fix your broken powdered makeup

    Lighten up your makeup for summer

    How to curl your lashes.

    What are Black Heads?

    Choosing the correct colour eyeliner

    How to measure your eye brows;

     Only remove stray hairs from the areas shown

    How to enhance your lips using concealer!

    How to Paint your nails>

    How to apply foundation correctly

    Different mascara brushes and how to apply correctly

    B Beautiful 4 u hopes you fine our Beauty Tip 4 U helpful